Test of Android version 3.0.x
  • Hello,
    the download link http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk is now redirected to version 3.0.39+ available for testing. If you need older 2.2.78 it is available at http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator_stable.apk.

    Or you can simply use Google Play beta system for automatic updates of beta versions at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.mapfactor.navigator.


    What is new
    -everyone can improve our translations at https://crowdin.com/project/mapfactor-gps-navigation
    -Klingon navigation instructions support(you must install Klingon TTS engine)

    Live HD Traffic information
    -paid function(map manager/buy maps)
    -it shows on map traffic informations and update routing according problems on route
    -you can ask our support team to get it for free for testing(use navigator settings/advanced/send logs and write into email HD Traffic request)
    -when you have it bought and enabled(settings/navigation/HD Traffic) icon in tools will appear

    Crowdsourced parking system
    -works only online
    -it works only when it is enabled(settings/advanced)
    -it shows you where do you park(tools/parking)

    -resizable(someone like it small someone big...)
    -added possibility to choose GPS accuracy
    -24h/12h format(settings/localisation)

    HW renderer
    -blinking map at coastlines fixed
    -data loading multithreaded
    -faster and more detailed infos when user click on map
    -it preloads some data before opening map
    -rare incorrect polygon rendering fixed
    -smooth movement better

    -Faster on route/lost status analyzing
    -GPS snapping on route dependent on GPS accuracy
    -Less voice messages near manoeuvre
    -New setting to disable recalculating routes during navigation(it is not recommended to use this)
    -Route recalculation is now dependent on GPS accuracy
    -Warning when vehicle type is set to pedestrian but speed is too high

    Truck restriction icons on the map
    -truck version only(you get truck version by buying maps for trucks)
    -you can enable it in settings/map customisation(only for truck version)
    -not yet in software renderer(it is in progress)

    User interface
    -GPS recording moved into my places
    -GPX/NMEA info dialog
    -Map fullscreen support added(using app GMD full screen immersive mode)
    -Sharing itinerary function added
    -Sound output channel dialog modificated(settings/advanced)
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  • I test the HD-Traffic as well.
    I can confirm your statement about sometimes being very slow, but not always. It can take up to 2-5 minutes before I get any info and sometimes I don't get information at all. And on other occasions it is available "instantaneous" or at least within a few seconds.

    I don't get roadworks either: at all. 
    In the tooling screen they are nicely mentioned, but when clicking on them ("show on map"), the location is displayed but no icon.
    traffic queues/jams are displayed and so are closed roads.

    examples for road works: 
    A50 near Apeldoorn, cloverleaf Klarenbeek
    A50 near Nuland   (And when I tried to rework/simulate this second example I did not get any HD-Traffic info at all. Not even after 5-6 minutes)

    In the Netherlands there is a nice service website: https://www.vananaarbeter.nl/  (From A to Better).
    You can select a departure an destination and see the road works (take Zwolle to Waalwijk or vice-versa or whatever you like).
    Try for yourself.
    Edit: In Dutch of course :) so some extra info
    Route -> obvious
    Wegnummer => Road Number

    Van => From
    Naar => To
    Dropdown :Leave it at vandaag => Today
    Yellow button Toon => show
  • 3.0.61:
    -crash searching along non existing route fixed
    -freeze searching town numbers in some cities fixed
    -HD Traffic events revision
    -HD Traffic indicate severity by color(HW renderer only)
    -HW renderer black screen on geointent fixed
    -HW renderer blinking in 3D fixed
    -HW renderer correct icon visibility
    -HW renderer icons reduction on higher zoom
    -HW renderer problems with restart engines fixed
    -missing translations of scheme_editor fixed
    -no recompute when choosing alternative route
    -poi visibility dialog fixed for poi types contained in more groups
    -several recomputes on navigation start fix
    -rate dialog exit button really exits the application
    -using current position as start for calculate and simulate route if no departure is specified

    @amlumsden Size of HD Traffic icons were hot topic last week and @tomas wanted them biiiiig, Maybe you can provide screenshot of situation when it is really bad.
  • I removed and then downloaded the UK map again and now it functions OK. So obviously a corrupted map.

    Nevertheless: If Navigator starts it shouldn't continuously crash on something "wrong" in the map based on the latest point it accessed.
  • Some time ago we discussed the current behavior of the "real time traffic data route alteration". 
    If Navigator finds a faster route based on the traffic information, it will automatically switch to that route without even notifying the user.
    We then discussed the possible options, also based on experience with other apps, like "Navigator has found a route that is x minutes faster than your current route. Switch to the new route?  (Yes/No)"
    With a visual of the current route and the advised route.

    At that time Tomas mentioned that it would be investigated, but it would not be in this release, which sounds reasonable.
    I simply like to know if Mapfactor now can share something like "Yes, it will be there Sept 2017 or Dec 2017", or "Q1/2 2018".
    Anyway: something to look forward to as we currently hear nothing, and although I do think it is an improvement, I really don't like the  "arrogant" behavior of the app. Especially as I like to judge myself, that by the time I get to the congestion, it might be gone already. I experienced that also multiple times.
  • thanks but.., 2.2.78 delete + restart + new installation 3.0.39 + restart phone

    - SK maps empty
    - unstable :-) (log sent)

  • aafter uninstallation you need to download maps again
    it is better not to uninstall
  • maps is download :-) & menuimage

  • I only updated, and so far no missing data for me (DE)
  • Changelog added as the first message...
  • I have been testing the 3.0.34_exp... version in a 2 hours drive Yesterday.
    It did what it had to do and also functioned good on on bluetooth with one remark: The last 10 minutes the car radio stayed blocked on the mapfactor phone channel. It did not "release" the radio (stayed on "black" phone call screen). So periods of silence with every now and then an instruction.
    This morning I downloaded the 3.0.39 which I will test this afternoon.

    Samsung S5 mini stock android 5.1.1. in Renault Megane (this time).
  • Between 3.0.34 and 3.0.39 our SoundPlayer class was rewrItten quite lot :)
  • MapFactor Navigator ßeta version 3.0.39
    Update: In software rendering all is normal

    device: SM-T810 9.7''
    Map renderer: Hardware (experimental)
    Map UK 44-201612010

    Hardware 2D while simulating

    Departure Dover, CT16 1JA        lat:184061632 lon:4799552
    Waypoint: M42 from Dover        lat:188453530 lon:-6506942
    Waypoint: M56 from Dover        lat:192061750 lon:-9034454
    Destination: Holyhead, Llanfawr road    lat:191905868 lon:-16669312

    Don't believe this is route related, when not touching the screen, all went OK

    When switching screens between itinerary and map while navigating, using bottom left hand indicator (next move indicator, large square) and going back [Show on map]
    If the map shows text (locations/street names) all is still fine.
    Switching then now with between maps using bottom right hand indicator between the map representation: driving map -> static map -> country map -> driving map
    When driving map map comes up without the (locations/street names), after short time the crash/unexpected exit happens.

    from log:
    DMP 16/12/20 10:53:52  GLES - gfx geometry data: 240.1MB
    DMP 16/12/20 10:53:52  GLES - Plots: loaded=992, inView=26317
    DMP 16/12/20 10:53:52  GLES - 9FPS, render=24ms
    DMP 16/12/20 10:53:52  too many plots in view! (136MB, x=4797408, y=184059700, z=1990, t=0.000, l=128MB)
    DMP 16/12/20 10:53:52  GLES - gfx geometry data: 136.5MB
    DMP 16/12/20 10:53:52  GLES - gfx geometry data: 127.7MB
    log file of event:
    Files (536 KB total): Dover-Holyhead-navigator_161220_100243.log.txt.zip
    Will be deleted on 27 December, 2016
    Download link https://we.tl/d9ZrDfdsfo

    showing in screen shot driving map:
    bottom left hand indicator: double arrow 162 m
    bottom right hand indicator: driving direction.

  • 3.0.41
    -some crashes of HW renderer fixed
  • 3.0.41 Beta
    has become very unstable HW renderer only, SW renderer still ok.
    Text issues? See log and screen shots in zip file.
    Files (560 KB total) Dover-holiheadnavigator_161220_162747.log.zip
    Will be deleted on 27 December, 2016
    Download link https://we.tl/D5YBSw0ksL
  • Small issue with SW renderer, no idea if related to above issue?
    While in routing map, tab on bottom left hand indicator: going to itinerary.
    Tab on [Show on map]. The map showing is not related to the one indicated in the bottom right hand indicator?
    Map showing is the same as showing on next tab on bottom right hand indicator: global country map. Should be zoomed static map where only driving indicator is moving and not the road.

    update: SW renderer is showing me with above procedure:
    1st screen, 3rd screen with indicator of screen 2, 3rd screen. No 2nd screen showing

  • bottom righ icon on your picture is indicating that, if you click on it, 3D will be next mode
    it is not directional arrow
  • anyway tapping right bottom hand square:
    - 1st screen is routing showing


    - 2nd screen shows road static and only car position is moving (red arrow)


    - 3rd screen shows complete route.


    Nothing 3D: both SW and HW renderer run here in 2D mode.
  • Lubos mentioned: "Between 3.0.34 and 3.0.39 our SoundPlayer class was rewrItten quite lot ".

    This afternoon using the 3.0.39 on the 2 hours back trip, the bluetooth audio functioned fine but I did not notice other differences.
  • @Jan_Gruuthuse
    I will refrase that - 3D unless you set 2D navigation in settings
  • If I download from http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk from the first post of this topic, I get a file only 309 Bytes small!?
  • right click save: 404 Not Found

    use 3rd link Google Play beta

  • I still get the 309 Bytes file, not a 404 message.

    I don't want to go to beta via Google Play because I use two devices and want to keep the stable version on one of it. So there is no testing for me  :((
  • @hvdwolf - the differences are mostly in cases of incoming phonecall

    @Durko - I hope I fixed your problem with missing map, menu problem is still there but I tried to use at least workaround(in 3.0.43 it should happen on night mode change only)

    @Oldie - link updated, sorry my mistake

    3.0.43 - HW renderer fixes

    Due to vacations there will be no more builds this year, so I wish you all merry xmas and happy new year :)
  • merry xmas and happy new year.

    MapFactor Navigator ßeta version 3.0.43 Beta

    device: SM-T810 9.7''
    Map renderer: Hardware (experimental)
    Map UK 44-201612010

    Hardware 2D while simulating

    Departure Dover, CT16 1JA        lat:184061632 lon:4799552
    Waypoint: M42 from Dover        lat:188453530 lon:-6506942
    Waypoint: M56 from Dover        lat:192061750 lon:-9034454
    Destination: Holyhead, Llanfawr road    lat:191905868 lon:-16669312

    leaving the screen alone, seems to be fine, cycling through screen causes unexpected end

    Files (15.4 KB total) Dover-Holyhead-navigator_161222_090813.log.txt.zip
    Will be deleted on 29 December, 2016
    Download link https://we.tl/26JpOF2qMM

    If you need other information or to run tests on the device, just let me know.

    For you all and family enjoy the Christmas and New Year break.

  • @Lubos Thank you, works now.

    Nice holidays to everybody!
  • @lubos Version 3.0.41 is good, everything works (for me), thanks all
  • @lubos – a selfish request . To save me the trouble of updating the TTS file with my additional waypoints on every version update I would be grateful if you could insert the text from the file here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9h7gyqa8g7bxx2/TTS en-UK Additional waypoints.txt?dl=0

    after the 9th waypoint – it will make my life a bit more enjoyable 


    This is for the - tts_data language="en" region="uk"
    Many Thanks
  • I got temporary permission to test HD Traffic and just want to make a couple of observations:

    1.  Traffic Icons are large and blocky.  They don't change size regardless of zoom level.
    3.  I checked traffic queues on the map and then deliberately set a route to travel through them.  The route selected did not take into account the traffic.  Will this only happen when travelling?  When are you notified so that alternative routes can be calculated and presented?
    4.  I assume that this is TomTom's HD Traffic that you offer.

    I don't expect an answer due to the Christmas break but thought it worthwhile noting my observations now whilst they are fresh.  Got a couple of journeys over the weekend so will try in real time when travelling and report back if I hit any traffic.

    May all staff at Mapfactor have a great Festive holiday - you deserve it.
  • 1. this will be addressed
    3. it works for me, sometimes it is better to go through traffic then around
    4. yes, HD traffic
  • Hello,

    I installed version 3.0.43 and I miss the function to record the GPS-Track as NMEA or GPX.
    Have you delete this function?

    Thanks for reply!
  • Hello @Tolotos,
    see Menu/my places/gps recording
  • @Durko:

    Thanks a lot for the fast answer!
    In this menu I have not search for it... ;-)
    Do you know why this function was moved?

    Happy X-Mas to all!
  • What I did see right now is that motorway signs are overlayed in the top-left of the screen. However, when the "lane assistant" is displayed, the motorway sign is shifted downward equally.
    In landscape mode it even moves slightly behind the "next turn" sign in the bottom left.

    Please correct this so that the motorway sign stays at its position in the top left.
  • In the top post of this thread about the testing it was mentioned:
    Live HD Traffic information
    -paid function(map manager/buy maps)
    -it shows on map traffic informations and update routing according problems on route
    -you can ask our support team to get it for free for testing(use navigator settings/advanced/send logs and write into email HD Traffic request)
    -when you have it bought and enabled(settings/navigation/HD Traffic) icon in tools will appear

    • Is this really the TomTom HD Traffic, or the free service which you also get with Magic earth, Here WeGo and Maps.Me? (and then not free in Navigator?)
    • How much does it cost? I never read nor can find any indication about the costs. It is nice to test it for free (and help you further with non-paid testers) and then have to pay (a lot of) money for continued use.

    Note that I'm not against testing and using non-paid test users for it to help you further, also with translating. Those same test-users also get a very good nav app in return. But please be clear about costs and the like

  • it is HD traffic, please email support to test
    costs are displayed when you go to Map manager/buy maps - 1 year is 9 euros, but you can buy shorter periods
  • OK, I had not looked in that area: 9 euro per year is a good price. I did check last night, without purchasing anything. However, this morning I got the very scary message "There are no maps installed or some required data is missing. Do you want to download maps now?" (in Dutch for me). I thought "some file" was corrupt or my settings were corrupt.
    After 3 restarts and checking my SD-card, I simply choose to ignore it and simply re-download the maps. And then I got the question to continue as "free version".
    At that moment it became clear to me that Navigator meant that there were no paid TomTom maps (having been in the map manager/buy maps section). My free OSM maps were (luckily) still available.

    I was tempted to immediately change that translation but where is that translation used? Only at this point in the application or also on first startup, meaning when indeed no maps at all are installed?
    In that case the app needs 2 translatable strings. Something like the current message when no maps at all are installed (and that is also handled via the wizard), and a new one with something like "No TomTom maps installed. Continue as free version or purchase/download TomTom maps?"
  • After opening shop in Navigator, Navigator switch automatically into TomTom maps... Simply press "Continue as free". This bug is there since version 1.3.x.

    About lane assistant, can you provide screenshot of this bug?
  • @lubos : Sorry. That was indeed a bad bug report :)

    See below two (reduced sized) images. The bug occurs both in hardware renderer as well as in software renderer.

    The roadsign is shown first:

    A split-second (or so) later, the lane-assistant is also displayed. At that moment the roadsign is shifted downwards. 
    This is not necessary in landscape mode, at least not on my phone (and probably not on most phones).

    In portrait mode this is inevitable as there is simply not enough space on the left side of the laneassistant (see reduced size, top-half screen capture).

    It would be a lot nicer if Navigator could calculate available and necessary screen space and place the lane-assistant and roadsign overlay accordingly.

    It is not high priority to me. It would simply make the app "look better".
  • Looking great!
    And that new HD traffic feature isn't expensive.

    Small bug: the number of satellites panel shows the GPS accuracy (like the GPS accuracy panel).
  • Bug or not??
    I'm working on my color scheme for day mode. So I make a modification (outside Mapfactor in an external editor). I keep using the exact same file name and I simply import that file into Navigator by tapping it in my android file manager. However, by now I have 6 versions of my color scheme with exactly the same name in my scheme editor and scheme selector screen inside Navigator.
    The scheme identifier in the xml remains the same but seems not to be used when importing.

          <name tr="yes">mySimpleStandard</name>

    So in the scheme editor I first set the day scheme to default. Then I removed the 6 schemes inside the scheme editor one by one. This worked. I used the back key of my phone to get out of the scheme editor and Navigator crashed.

    So from my point of view 2 bugs:
    - Schemes with identical filename and scheme identifier are imported as different schemes keeping the same name.
    - Navigator crashes when scheme editor is left after removing a (number of) scheme(s)

    I have emailed the logs to the android-log email address.

    EDIT: And after having sent the mail with logs and descriptions, I wanted to import my own scheme again and upon import Navigator crashed again. On restart it turned out my color scheme was imported and active. So I sent another mail after my first mail with the latest logs. 
  • I purchased HD Traffic (€4 for 3 months) & used it on a return trip from north east UK to Brugge via Eurotunnel. Seems to work OK but had a couple of problems.

    1) App crashed twice after a short period in HW render mode. Switched to SW render & no problem. I've haven't yet tried switching off HD traffic to see if that's the problem. I've had no crashes in HW render mode before purchasing HD Traffic.

    2)Tools > HD Traffic gives a list of traffic problems but I saw no icons on screen showing traffic problems as described by Amlumsden.

    I'll continue to use/test & report.
  • Another couple of observations on the HD Traffic option:

    1.  Can take some time to connect to the server so always worth checking in tools/hd traffic before creating a route.

    2.  Had a couple of lock ups when accessing the traffic reports. Screen goes to black and only option is to force close Navigator.

    3.  Seems to be hit and miss with how long before the traffic details are graphically displayed.  sometimes it is quick, at others it can take a couple of minutes even though hd traffic report is populated.  I also noticed that not all traffic incidents are displayed.
  • Happy New Year to everyone!

    I just switched manually from night mode to day mode - now in my main menu, there are no lables visible anymore - it seems they stayed white, as it is visible in the buttom bar. Restarting the app helps.

    In order to reproduce, it is important to close Navigator after night mode is activated. Then open Navigator again, and activate day mode.
  • Sorry. I can't reproduce. Neither when switching from night-mode to automatic, nor from night mode to "off" (being day mode).

    Samsung S5 mini, stock android 5.1.1, navigator 3.0.43

  • I think this happens on Android 6 only
  • Did you do it like I described, switching it first to night mode, CLOSING Navigator, opening it again, and THEN immediately setting it to day mode?

    I did it each time by settings --> map custmisation --> Night mode --> On/off.
  • I did it exactly the same.

  • Is this happening with Map renderer settings:
    - Automatic
    - Software
    - Hardware (experimental)
    Labels not appearing could be related to HW renderer

  • Only routing points appear here in white on white in Route Info
    Map looks normal.

    Going from day to night: Menu (search, navigate, ...) goes white on gray before exit and restart (is normal white on dark grey)
    both reacting same in Software/Hardware rendering
    full size
  • @chattiewoman I confirm problems (android 6, MF 3.0.43)

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