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  • What's the changelog for the 12.3.0 Windows version?

    When I upgraded from 12.1 I apparently lost all my settings, but after a bit of poking around discovered I could copy settings.xml from




    So maybe in future, if the settings don't exist, the software should attempt to copy them from the previous version if found.
  • You guys are quite good in xml files. Why not add an xml file as changelog into the navigator data directory.
    filename: changelog.xml
    inside it something like:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><changelog version="1">
     <nav_version name="1.3.30">
      <item type="bugfix" desc="another bug we fixed"/>
      <item type="functionality" desc="more functionality we added"/>
     <nav_version name="1.3.20">
      <item type="bugfix" desc="some bug we fixed"/>
      <item type="functionality" desc="some functionality we added"/>


    This is of course the one line version but especially the desc(ription) might be longer so you could also split the item contents over multiple lines.
    This kind of file is easy to maintain per navigator version (android, wince, what have you).
    Upon installing navigator free, the app could show the changelog upon startup. Put it also under (Advanced) settings if users want to check again.
    An xml like that could probably easily integrated in Google Play as well.

    And adventurous users (they are the worst :) ) could open it from the navigator folder as well

  • I have just downloaded and installed Mapfactor Free Navigation software for Windows CE in my car.
    During configuration i selected wrong language. Can you please guide how to change language of the software to English for windows CE in a car navigation system??

    Awaiting your early response.
  • Menu > Settings > Application > Language

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