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  • Is there anywhere a changelog available? As there is some effort to deinstall and install (and change settings again) it is nice to see whether changes are really an advantage. This might be different from person to person.
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  • Hi again MDX

    A wish list item for discussion.

    Could there be an option introduced in the settings to either have the Time, GPS Time and the Estimated Time of Arrival displayed in the current 24 hour format or in the 12 hour format?

    Currently the GPS Time shows seconds in the display.

    If the option was taken to display the times in the 12 hour format, I'm sure that the user would not mind loosing the seconds to have space for AM (the A over the M) and PM (the P over the M)

    This would mean that the size of the display fields would not need any re-sizing which should mean that the addition of the option could be relatively simple.

    Given that the driver needs to assimilate any information with a quick glance, this option would be appreciated by those of us who think in morning and afternoon terms.

    I know the maths is simple but I'd rather the machine gave me the answer instead of me thinking 20:00 hours OK, that's 20 minus 12, that's 8, so it's 8:00pm.

    I'd rather be concentrating on the traffic and the road for the few seconds I was doing the maths.

    Feedback welcome from anybody out there who agrees or disagrees with me. 



  • 12.1.0 -> 12.1.10
    - improved textplacing
    - bug fix remote command $destination=clear
    - experiment with unsnapped coordinates used for routing points (settings.xml RTG/snapping)
    - support for new maps with code vietnam_ta
    - experimental search as on Android 0.14.x+ (can be disabled in settings.xml SEARCH/search_radius set to 0 meters)
    - updated Google search to new API
    - bugfixes
  • Hi star,
    there is no public changelog available at the moment. I understand that the updates of ver11 are currently "too frequent".
    update 11.0.8 -> 11.0.9
    - PDA/PND - fixed missing GoTo Coordinate (WGS84)
    - keeping routing cache for faster route recomputation
    - display of missing TMC location (for debug TMC in Germany OSM)
    - merged branch for reporting work status (under development, you can hide that icon in settings/application/organize main menu)
    - changed pictures in install PC Navigator
  • update PND 11.0.9 -> 11.0.10:
    - fixed paths for settings, favorites, etc. (see
  • Thanks! Can you make this sticky?
  • 11.0.10 -> 11.0.11
    - better support of Farsi/Arabic
    - fixed command line parameters for PDA/PND
  • 11.0.11 -> 11.0.12
    - better translations (NL, NO, welcome message DE)
    - numbering noname waypoints (PDA/PND, for PC in next release)
  • 11.0.12 -> 11.0.13
    - fixed find nearest along route
    - fixed find nearest for click in the map
    - forced navigation recalculate after waypoints optimization
    - updated Farsi translation
    - fixed warning dialog for old imports
  • 11.0.13 -> 11.0.15
    - added drawer for caravan site (note, that you have to delete your and files to see this change)
    - translations update (HU, ?)
    - better navigation on sliproads
    - fixed drawing in editor layer
    - added map combination TeleAtlas Singapore+Malaysia+Indonesia+Thailand
  • Hi Mdx,

    Navigator 11.0.16 is available for download - can you do a change log for us poor customers please?


  • 11.0.15 -> 11.0.16
    - fixed favorites editor
    - improved drag & drop
    - checking write permissions for atlas.idc (W7/Windows Vista activations problems)
    - save/load NMEA (default directory in settings)
    - fixed GPS and communication setup dialog
    - fixed text display from search imports
    - update translations IT, PL, DA, HU

  • Appreciated, thank you.
  • I find this whole approach to changes so messy and lacking in professional approach. Would it not be better to restrict the number of releases and carry out some better beta testing.

    I note also that a recent update to navigator moved the location of the map data into a separate 'data' directory. The update routine failed to highlight this and so 2.5GB of data was downloaded -duplicating maps already present.
  • I guess that the people using Navigator Free are the beta testers
  • @grumpy - I suppose you are talking about Setup Utility, not the navigation program, right?
  • I dont know for sure but I suspect that it was upgrading Navigator to 11.0.16 from 15 as the installer / updater program remains at 11.0.8
  • Navigator does not change the location of map data (it is passed as a parameter to PC Navigator installer). I would recommend newer version of Setup Utility (
  • is that just for free or the paid for version?

  • 11.0.16 -> 11.0.19
    - renewed support of WinCE .NET 4.2 Core devices
    - optimized route recalculation with waypoints
    - flushing NMEA output

    - removed OTIS debug rectangles
    - fixed itinerary update during navigation
    - fixed some tweaks in favorites editor
    - fixed behavior of route recalulation near waypoints

  • After updating to 11.0.19 under WM 6.5 it seems to me, that navigator free needs more than the double of time to start. I didn't change any other things on my smartphone.
  • it is the same to me.
    On my (very) old Transonic PNA 4000 its takes nearly 2 minutes to load. All functions like scrolling in the menue are altought very slow. The last version was faster.
  • on my HP IPAQ 1940 with external bluetooth gps device Wintec WBT-202 the version 11.0.19 works fine. I get only an error, if  I power down the IPAQ. After switching on I get an error, that no GPS connection is available (GPS port could not open), sometimes I get an memory error, and the only option is a cold restart of the device
  • 11.0.19 -> 11.0.25
    - fixed slowness related to WinCE4.2 support
    - translations (fa)
    - better menu font size
    - fixed disable/enable roads bug
    - fixed changing route destination while navigating

  • 11.0.25 -> 11.0.28
    - improved German translations (thanks to Henning Francke)
    - support of Vietnam characters in search (you will need newer Vietnam OSM data - 110923)
    - improved fast drawing of rectangles/buttons (it was a problem on some PND devices)

  • After last app. update to 11.0.28 only speedcams visible. No maps. Maps also updated. What`s wrong???
  • Hi MDX

    There might be a bug in PC Navigator 11.0.28

    If you select the windows default voice the exceeding speed limit warning sounds do not work.

    Change the voice to Lotta and the sounds work again.



  • @Denis_co - you are running probably commercial version. Please switch to FREE (Menu>Settings>Maps>Commercial or FREE). If you run PC version, please use the proper "FREE" shortcut.

    @Crumbley - at the moment it is not possible to mix text2speech (computer generated voice, which is probably the windows default voice) with normal WAV files (Lotta and warning sounds).
  • 11.0.28 -> 11.0.33
    - implemented playing WAV files (scout etc) when a TTS eSpeak engine is selected for navigation instructions
    - improved behavior for modifying routing points while navigating
    - fix in remote communication via serial COM, non-VTU mode
    - utf8 related remote commands bugs fixed
    - free/commercial settings synchronizing key with startup.xml
    - changed Earth radius in Mercator (google) transformation
    - arabization enhanced (farsi, urdu)
    - setting proper icons in OTIS dialog

  • Thanks for the latest change log entry MDX.  Any thoughts on the 12 hour time display?
  • I have 2 questions:
    first, is it possible to add a "time zone setting" to the settings ? My device has a problem to remeber its real time zone, so it gets the correct GPS time but shows me a wrong time because it thinks i am living in australia or somewhere else. Althought it would be easier to chance the time zone, when you have to change it e.g. for a long trip or on vacation. Maybe you could "import" the time zone borders to set it automatically when the gps signal crossed the "border" (or you let pop up a info: you crossed a timezone border - should the software set the correct time zone - yes - no).
    and second, is it possible to add the the "End of (speed) limit-sign" ( for the tracks that are tagged with it. It would be easier for me as a osm-member to see if there is no speedlimit or if it is not tagged - in order to tag it ;)

    Thanks a lot and ... you are doing really good work.
  • 11.0.33 -> 11.0.35
    - another fix of changing destination during navigation
  • Where can I download the latest 11.0.35?

    Installed today all programs in pc and the latest version available for pna is!


  • 11.0.35 -> 11.0.37
    - fixed crash when removed GPS device while saving NMEA
    - improved Romanian translation and Text2Speech
    - improved Finish translation
    - fixed deletion of waypoints during navigation
    - not counting footway on roundabouts (OSM maps)
    - fixed translation of some coordinate systems in GoTo dialog
    - fix of itinerary when route with waypoint(s) was partially recomputed
  • There is also a small problem with Bluetooth : when the connection between the devices becomes off (i.e. if we move one device far from the other), then becomes on (we bring the devices closer), Navigator Free cannot set the connection again. We have to start again Navigator.

  • I understand that from the 4th of January 2012, a new French law makes it
    illegal to be aware of speed camera locations while driving.

    I have both camera light and camera speed unchecked, but the camera icons
    still appear on the map.

    Although I don’t receive audio warning by choice, the fact that the speed
    camera icons still show, breaks the law in France.

    Is there anything else in Navigator 11.0.37 I can do to stop the camera
    icons showing, or does it need a new version of Navigator 11?

    PS.  Your thoughts on the 12 hour display would be welcome.  Am I contacting the correct people for suggested changes?


  • you can disable the imported data: settings/map/Select Regions/All Imports/, uncheck cameralight and cameraspeed
  • Thanks Martin,

    Can you have another look at this one.

    I have unchecked cameralight and cameraspeed yet the camera icons still appear on the maps - as I stated in my previous post.

    In Navigator 11.0.37 the camera icons still show on the map.

    The program does not handle the the camera icons in the way that you and I think that it should.

    Are the camera icons held within the map itself?

    Can I send you screen shots to prove the point, I will need your email address.



  • just delete two camera files, cameralight.mca and cameraspeed.mca
  • Morning Tomas,

    You are right, deleting the two files in folder C:\programdata/mapfactor/setup utility does make the camera icons go away on the PC version.

    This is a hidden folder so is a bit tricky doing the delete.

    I will need to delete the same two files on the Actis 3 SD card to have the Actis 3 act the same way.

    Presumably I will have to go through the same routine in the next upgrade?

    Wouldn't it be much better if Navigator did not even look at the two MCA files if the cameralight and cameraspeed  are both unchecked?

    At least the program would agree with the documentation!



  • In my PC version 11.0.37, WinXP, unchecking cameralight and cameraspeed works fine (after forced application restart) ... so I am not sure what is the problem.
  • you can switch off sound and visual warnings, but camera icons remain on the map - that is, according to Crumbley, nor permitted in France
  • Hi Martin,

    I'm running Windows 7, could that be it?

    It only became a feature in the current Navigator version 11.0.37

    Unchecking the cameraspeed and cameralight stopped the advance warnings, but the camera icons were still showing on the map.

    Tomas's work around works, brutal, but it works.

    The file deletion proves that the two mca files were being read even though the unchecking should have prevented the read.

    Can you test under windows 7 at your end?

    I could put the two files back, and send you screenshots if you wish.

    Regards, Crumbley.

  • 11.0.37-> 11.0.54(51)
    - pl, fi, sk, ro translations
    - detection of incompatible imports
    - fixed some issues with waypoints
    - search speed optimization (streets with house numbers)
    - updated and (footpath, stairs, zooms)

  • 11.x -> 12.0
    - import of points, lines and areas into the map
    - new remote commands
    - possibility to add name of driver, trip purpose, fueling
    - new car type in TRUCK version - BUS
    - new attribute on streets in car type in Truck version - hazardous material - HAZMAT

    12.0 -> 12.1.0
    - support for a new data format which integrates irregular house
    numbers/address points (they will be used in both new OSM and TomTom

  • Hi.
    When will be released the update that improves the alternative route in the event of a roadblock?
    I'm using Navigator Free on a PocketPC
  • 12.1.0 -> 12.1.10  

    Thanks for the continued support.

    Updated my Windows Mobile 6.1 device; first run, the updater was unable to un-install the currently installed version of Navigator Free, then failed to automatically install the newest version. Rebooted the device, tried again, and this second time, it ran smoothly, un-installed, then installed the new 12.1.10 version.

    Not yet tried it fully, but it launches fine, and all my settings and favourites are still present. 

    Don't forget anyone reading this, always back-up your current configuration before doing any updates, as I did. ;-)


  • Is there an ETA for a version that will support the GNSS GPS (usually Broadcomm)  found on most Windows 8 Tablets?  
  • What's the changelog for the 12.3.0 PDA version?
  • I am of course also curious what the changes are at version 12.3.0?
    Good that you are still improving the Windows Mobile version.
    Thanks a lot.

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