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  • Hola, hace tiempo compre un mapa de méxico para mi celular, ese celular se quebró, ahora tengo un celular nuevo, pero al instalar mapfactor, y no aparece la compra del mapa, tengo que comprarlo nuevamente?, me parece una idea muy descabellada, comprar un mapa cada vez que cambie de dispositivo, saludos.

    Hello, while buy a map of Mexico for my cell, that cell phone broke, now I have a new phone, but when installing MapFactor, not buying the map appears, I have to buy it again ?, I think a very crazy idea, buy a map each time you change device, Greetings
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  • Hi,

    go to Settings and click Send logs
    please type your order ID

  • order or deviceid? I not think I can find my first purchase order, perhaps in my first device, but is gone.I can not access my first device.
  • if you cannot find order ID, then email you used when purchasing
  • sure;
  • you need to send logs, as per my earlier comment
  • I send my logs from new device.

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