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  • Hi i downloaded the free navigator 15 setup utility and used the free licence, i downloaded all the maps and sounds i needed and installed them on SD card but when i launch the navigator on my car it prompts for a serial number. Where can i find that serial number? Or am i doing anything wrong??? Please help
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  • serial number (product key) is needed for commercial version only
    are you sure that you are running Navigator free?
  • As far as I remember at least on Windows PCs, not sure about CE, Navigator 15 setup installs 2 icons: one for Navigator free and and for paid maps.
    Maybe you started the wrong one.
  • Hi Tomas i downloaded the setup utility from and in the setup interface it says navigator free so i suppose i have the free version
  • may be you did not copy all files?
  • Idk can you make a video or screenshots of the process
  • Hi Tomas i was wrong with the licenve key but now i have another problem. I selected the interface language Local then the voice language Albanian (shqip geneko) and whent through the licence screen but then it said there was a file .dll missing. I remember formating the sd card before installation and did a clean install after. What am i doing wrong ??? Can aomeone please write the instructions how to do the installation please?? Im not a nob regarding to installations and such stuf but there is something wrong either with the installer or .... idk
  • I need this so badly so please someone help.

    Also what are the minimum Hardware requirements or WinCE version that navigator 15 needs to run?
  • which dll is missing?
    download it from the Internet

  • Hi
    I have installed Navigator 16 Free on my PC. I then installed it onto my Unbranded GPS which runs Windows CE. On the GPS it is asking for a product key before I can continue. I have tried deleting the installation and re-installing without success. The only maps I have installed are free maps i.e. India, Sri Lanka and the UK yet still it is asking for a product key.
    The device is asking "Enter the key" and then in the box are 5 sets of five X's separated by a -

    Help appreciated
  • I was obviously trying to start the Commercial install. Sorry for the hassle, once I said no to entering the key and then yes to continue I was taken to the free application
  • I managed to install it but there seems to be a problem with the devivice not running the navigator, in fact it is running but when i press gps button on device the application screen shows in a fraction of seccond and it gets back to main menu or where i was on the device. The application is running in background but i cant manage to make it work properly. Any idea what to do????
  • Hey Jagogjk,
    I have exactly the same problem on my car stereo:
    I did all the steps you did and installed application and free maps on a SD card. After struggling with the free licence on the car stereo I just recognised that the application switches back to where I came from on the stereo.
    Did you find a solution for this problem?
    I use Navigatior Free 18.2.1 and I am pretty sure the car stereo supports Windows CE 6.

    Thank you very much in advance.
  • I have the same problem as Jagogjk. Is there a solution to this issue?

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