Strange distances to next turn shown
  • Hi,

    MFN Free always writes out "112 m", "473 m" or similar while the speech announcements are ok "in 100 metres ...". In an ancient discussion I got told that the written distance is due to an internal measurement in non-metric units.
    Since the vast majority of users is assumed to use the metric system, consider to display appropriate values. I'm a sw engineer myself and I do not consider this as a complicated change.


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  • I do not understand your comment, we do work in metric
  • In my latest Android Version from the playstore, above 500 m distance the display shows o.6 km, 0.5 km and so on. Below 500 m, i get (presumably) exact distances in m steadily decreasing. At the time, when the announcement for 200m starts, the display shows a bit more than 200m, at the the time, when the announcment for 200m is finished, the display is somewhat below 200m. That is ok for me.
  • The announcements come a little bit earlier than for the spoken distance. This makes sense, as the announcement itself takes a few seconds to finish and the user to understand it. During that time, you move forward and the announced distance would be already outdated if not started a bit earlier.
  • I'm using v2.0.30 DEV on Android and refer to the distance shown on the bottom left during navigation. For distances smaller than 500m there is always something like 473 m, 394 m, 273 m, ... which is strange. Proper rounding would be better.

  • There is no need to use the DEV anymore. The DEV version is 2.0.31 and the Google Play version is 2.0.33 (no idea why the dev version is lower)
  • it simply shows you accurate distance from your GPS position
    why should it be rounded?
  • Rounding is appropriate for two reasons:
    a) GPS usually has a 10 m deviation of position.
    b) The vehicle movement makes the accuracy looking strange (because you cannot constantly update)

    This is not an important feature. I was just wondering. ;-)

  • I am not sure, would you want to see 100m and it is 51m?

  • I think some if-then-else routing algorithm should be used.

    when distance between 500 - 1000 meter round at 100 meter
    when distance between 250 - 500 meters  round at 50 meters
    when distance <250 meters round at 25 meters.
    (or something like that)
    And below 50 meters it is "turn left" or "turn right" anyway.
  • I think dirk205 means 50m instead of 51m.
    I agree too that not rounding is less clear and not necessarily more precise.
  • I am not convinced, personally I prefer to see 'accurate' distance
  • Yes, I understand what dirk205 want to see when it is 51 meters, but when it is 761 meters: Do you want to see 760 meters or simply 750 meters?
    Not only the accuracy of the GPS is of influence. Also the drawing of the roads is of influence, especially for motorway exits. There is a big flame war already for years (last year it is dying) of where a motorway/trunk/highway exit should be split off: Where the exit lane starts on the motorway/trunk/highway ór where the exit really physically splits from the motorway. 
    Because of that I don't want to see a too accurate number on larger distances.
  • Yes, I was replying to tomas, our messages have crossed. ;)
    If tomas prefers to the see the distances 1 meter accurate, I guess we won't have it otherwise. :(
    I think it's an other example of something TomTom does great (like the order of the voice orders).

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