How do you use Digger
  • I'm new to navigator, and help gave me the digger zip file but it I cannot figure out how to use it.

    Can I just convert my OV2s or KML files to whatever format (whatever it is? ) is needed externally with POIEdit etc, and simply copy them into the relevant folder.

    I have perhaps 50 or more different POI sets which I use intermittently, but need to be able to switch them on and off as in so I don't have a screen cluttered with POIs I don't need at the moment.


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  • There would be no point Tomas, I have deleted that app 2 days ago.

  • yes, you can convert to GPX and copy them to folder  android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/gpx
  • Use Digger to convert to gpx files? There are more useful tools than Digger to that, like routeconverter etc. Digger is to be used to create .mca not gpx files, isn't ist?
  • I thought GPX were Track files not Position files.

    I shall try using POIedit to convert a KML file to GPX and copy the output to android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/gpx & see what happens, I'll report back.

    If that fails I'll look at Route converter, Digger seems to be a bit dumb, no proper instructions makes it difficult for people not used to manipulating files.

  • [quote] Digger seems to be a bit dumb, no proper instructions makes it difficult for people not used to manipulating files[/quote]

    You are completly right!
  • Good, glad it's not just me then  :-):-)

    Does make you wonder why they push it though ;) ;)

  • I see I have to create this folder then yes??? >android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/gpx<

    android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/ is all I see in explorer with Temp and Downloads as sub folders.

    To be honest I'm about ready to ditch this app as dysfunctional, there needs to be a proper manual written for it by someone who understands it in detail but can write for the new users, partial instructions in a forum is pitiful really, but Mapfactor is not alone in this attitude.

    Help is an email away, but my experience so far is it is poor and fed in drips.

    I think a lot of app writers fail to see the bigger picture and limit their apps to people who like to learn all the ins and outs of it, lifes to short.

    Sorry but that's how I see it, why should I need to go back to school to learn yet another app, when there are now so many to choose from which are so much easier to use.


  • In another Forum I have written an Instruction for Digger to insert
    POIs into Navigator Free:

    The Instruction ist only in German.


  • Thanks Siggi I'll take a look and see if Mr Google can translate it.

  • OK, I created /navigator/GPX and copied the GPX files into it, but I'm not seeing any on the map or how to navigate to them, not showing under POIs either.

  • You have to look under "imported" or whatever it is in your language. And if you searched one that POI set will be displayed on the map.
    Also: Do you have added an icon with the proper dimensions?

    And with regard to: "I thought GPX were Track files not Position files."
    There are 3 types of GPX files: route, waypoint and track. And you can make mixtures of them within one GPX file as well as you can have a track section (<trk>...</trk>,  a route section (<rte>.....</rte>) and waypoints. Waypoints do not have a section but are simply added per waypoint to the file (<wpt ... some waypoint with coordinates .... </wpt>).

    For favorites, POIs and the like you need a waypoints gpx.
  • Nothing under imported and this is the first I've seen of needing an Icon.

    I am going to uninstall this quite rubbish app, I have better things to do with my time than mess about with files, the programmers need to get their act together the routing side of it is quite good, not perfect but usable, I need more from any app which uses my ever reducing storage space.

    A big thanks to all who tried to help, but it's not worth the effort and my review will reflect that.


  • I agree with k13ehr. There are lots of poi`'s that we could use, however many are put off by the total lack of a reasonable method to import the file into navigator.
    I have done it with European camp-sites but to be honest it was a very painful procedure and I have not been tempted to repeat the process.
  • Oh come on. 
    It is not the most simple program indeed but that's exactly why those other programs were made for the big apps like TomTom, Garmin, etc.:  Because most users did have so much problems creating their personal POI files. And neither of those programs were made by TomTom or Garmin but by frustrated users who knew their way in programming. With this MNF (free) app you get a "POI creation program" as well.
    (And no: I'm not in any way connected to Mapfactor).

    I have made many files with digger, and yes it needs some trial&error. After a few tries you get the grip and then it is simply repeating the trick. For me digger is actually quite a simple program. My issues are that with more then 100.000 entries the POI files get slow due to insufficient or absent indexing, and it can't handle longer text very well (for wikipedia POI files for example) which also result in bad performance.
  • You may find it okay to spend time doing things which other free apps do easily, but why would you.

    As for the apps you mention TomTom is not very good, CoPilot is but POIs are a pain too, Maps. Me is about the best for POIs but lacks voice, I do keep going back to it though, Here is a good app, but no POI import, Wales seems good, dunno about POI import yet though.
  • I installed and have no idea how to import POIs - I cannot see any import anywhere
    I am sure it is possible if you say so, but my point is that you have to learn to understand any software

    in your case it is simply giving import name
  • Fyi the latest has voice and route planning from anywhere, not just from current position. MFN is still the best, though :-)
  • @Tomas, to import into, you simply email (individually is best) the kml file as an attachment, open the email on your phone or tablet, click the attachment and it goes into automatically, it could not be simpler.

    @IU0BMP thanks for the FYI, not had need to use it for a month or so, been reviewing CoPilot, another app which is confusing on the POI front, both in installing cut and paste, but mainly on the quantity which is very limited for me, but also on how many POIs are visible it seems to be limited to a small radius, where I need to be able to see the whole country like in M.Me.

    Regarding navigator, I will come back to it in a month or two, and look at it again.
  • Just looked at, it spoke to me, I may never need another sat nag.

    I've not seen how to do route planning from anywhere yet though, need to get myself out the door now.
  • Ah, found point to point, arrow between two dots on bottom of screen :D :D
  • that is for routing, not for importing POIs
  • Yes I know I explained importing first Tomas in my 07:02 post, repeated below.

    "@Tomas, to import into, you simply email (individually is best) the kml file as an attachment, open the email on your phone or tablet, click the attachment and it goes into automatically, it could not be simpler."
  • that is exactly the same what you can do with GPX files in Navigator

    no need to email it, just click a GPX file anywhere on your Android device
  • If it was that simple this thread would not exist though Tomas.

    With the email approach, I can pick them up any time, if storage is limited, I can delete sets I don't need and pop them back when I do, they do not need to be on the device all the time.

    A well written manual is what is need for all apps, not just Navigator, it needs to be simple for everyone not just those who have the time and inclination to figure it all out, apps are supposed to make life easier, this one doesn't, for me at least.

  • I think we are talking in circle
    email GPX file if you want, and click on it
    just like you do with
  • No Point Tomas, I have already deleted the app.

  • Quoting k1 3ehr:
    "Here is a good app, but no POI import, Wales seems good, dunno about POI import yet though."

  • Maybe he meant Waze
  • You would be correct  :D :D senior moment :( :(

    Still prefer though.

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