Config file for downloaded maps?
  • It sometimes happens that when you test a new version you can't install another oo older version on top of it, which means that you first have to uninstall the installed version.
    I can easily backup my favourites.xml, warningsounds (self recorded), navigation.xml,routing_points.xml and vehicle_profiles.xml (and sometimes tts.xml).

    But how do I backup my maps configuration?
    Simply copy the maps to a backup location, install the new/older/other MNF, and copy the maps back doesn't work. 
    Is there a config file that keeps track of downloaded and installed maps or is it somewhere in the apps data space?
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  • The installed maps (or rather their potential placement) is described in atlas*.idc (* could be _pcn, _pcn_free, _ocx etc). There is a list of directories where the maps could be stored. You can pass atlas.idc as parameter to PC navigator. The default atlas.idc path is stored in the registry.
  • I am talking about the android version. Does that works likewise?
  • if you manually move navigator folder to root of internal memory (typically /sdcard/navigator) and reinstall navigator, navigator will work with this folder and it wont be deleted when you uninstall/degrade version
  • Maybe that works for Android <4.4, but not for 4.4+. 
    I just tried and Adroid 4.4+ simply doesn't allow you (the applications) to write outside the /Android/data folder and that's also what MNF specifies on first start as only options (SD or internal).

    If I cancel and start MNF again I simply can't continue without first downloading a map.

    However, after making sure MNF is not in memory and simply copying back my backup folder /sdcard/navigator/files/navigator into /Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/ does the trick as well: MNFstarts up with everything in place.
    I thought I had tried that before in the past and at that time it didn't work.

    I do think though this is not advisable when replacing a very old version with a new version.

    Edit: Anyway. Thanks for pointing me more or less into the right direction.
  • /sdcard/navigator/files/navigator is wrong... /sdcard/navigator is correct folder
    4.4+ devices have readonly access on SD card, not on internal memory
  • I did not read your comment well enough and missed your mention of the internal memory and correct path.

    I don't want my maps on internal memory but that is then the alternative for users who use them from internal memory

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