Will there be a PC/WINCE Version 15 as free version?
  • Do we have a chance to get Navigator 15 also as a free version?
    Or has further development of the Windows version stopped?

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  • Yes, it will be available also as FREE version - the main "feature" is support of newer TomTom maps.
  • thank you, mdx.

    does North orientation of maps in navigation mode finally work persistently?

    Currently it only works correctly in map viewing mode but the setting is not transferred into navigation mode, meaning you have to set it separately in navigation mode again.

    This has already been reported a few dozen times.


  • I'm answering my own question as noboby else does.

    No, it's still not fixed. As soon as you switch to navigate the "Turn maps" option becomes activated, no matter how you have set it before. So you have to reset it and that's most of the time when you are already on the road and driving.
    A very long time reported and dangerous while driving bug, but nobody seems to care anymore.

  • what about the size of the icons in the new version on windows ce ?
    And also the keyboard layout. In version 14 they are to small
    (using f.e. Blaupunkt Motopilot).
  • Here on my device they are the same size as before
  • Don't hang me, but do you have already the new version? I have used the new installer and it' s still the old ohne ?
  • Installing v15 was quiet difficult for me.

    When I installed it, I had no chance to change the directory, where the downloaded data could go in. Only "C:\Programme\Data" was given. Did I do anything wrong? Or is it, because I'm using MF with wine on Linux?

    I had to change the values by editing the registry with regedit.exe, for Setup Utility and Navigator15. #:-S

    So, next thing. When Navigator 15 starts, there are a lot of old labels like in the welcome-window (in german version) there's still Navigator 14 . And in the english version it is Navigator 12 !? Aswell in settings/application/language --> german: Navigator 14, english; Navigator 12


  • @crocodilefarm

    If I remember correctly I could select a directory, but setup didn't care, it always took c:\ProgramData\Navigator\x.y\Data (That is in Win10)
    My map directory however is in F:\OSM-Mapr\Data, I edited that in atlas_pcn_free.idc

    And yes the text in some places is old. and not adapted to 15, no big deal.

    Yes I'm on 15.0.2.
    Check the thread Installing PC Navigator 14. There are some different installation solutions.

  • ok, i found the solution - you have to cross the check box with early version and early maps in the installer.
    But still the same with the buttons, they are to small and also the keyboard on a windows ce handheld device.
  • Hello,

    installation on WinCe 4.2 NET, WinXP, Win7 is running.


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