Changing colors.
  • Hello.

    I'm using Mapfactor 12 free with OSM on a Android phone.  In order to achieve more contrast I'm looking for a way to change the color of the planned route. It's green now I want to change it to red. 

    thx in advance!
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  • Hello,

    I'm using the Windows version, so I don't know if in the Android version it is the same. In the programm folder You should find a file "settings.txt". Here You can change the route color for example to magenta (FF00FF).

  • Thanks for your effort, but in the Android version I can't find a file <settings.txt>. I do have 2 .xml files default_editor and editor but I can't figure out if these are the right files to change the color. 
  • Hello,

     I edit the file "settings" also with  xml-editor, so I would asssume that the editor.xml is the right one were the personal settings are safed and the default_editor.xml are the original settings that are installed in the first place. I would look four this term: <route_color>00C0A0</route_color> in the editor xml and change the color code to the color You wish.

  • Still no succes. There no such term like <route_color> I downloaded a xml editor but I can't seem to edit the editor file. Other Suggestions??
  • There is no "settings.xml" file on Android (do not ask me why :( ... so there is no simple way how to change route color at the moment.

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