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  • Hi,

    Could you advise whether it's possible to adjust the autozoom level? Maybe in the xml files somewhere.

    I would like it to be a little bit more sensitive if it's possible in the relation to the speed

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  • Me Too. It would be really nice if the zoom level was related to the speed, the slower you go the greater the zoom.
  • Also some navigators zoom in when you are cca 200m from the next turn - which is very useful as well cause it focuses on the area where you need to deviate from the current dirrection. I'm not sure what's the algorithm that Mapfactor uses. Could you advise pls?

    Thank you
  • There is very limited setting for PC/Pocket Navigator in settings.xml:
    ... i.e. limiting zooms (how many times you pres zoom out from detail view). On Android Navigator (1.5.x included) this is hard coded as far as I know. The zoom is based on speed and distance.
  • thanks a lot for the reply

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