MapFactor SpotMe (beta) 0.2.x
  • There is a new application on Google Play for tracking:

    It is in "beta" phase and it is implementation of the very old idea to "simulate" VTU (Vehicle Tracking Unit) with standard Android phones/tables.
    There are, as free option, available "maps online" at the moment where you can see and track position of your virtual VTUs.

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  • 'Go to ... ' and 'Menu' windows are not active on my smartphone, on PC works fine.
    'Browse Map' open new tab on Google Chrome, even with opened one.

    (info) Unit ID is just serial number generated during installation apk.
    (edit) On PC both version, mobile and PC, work fine.
    (edit) Google Chrome showed info about outdated security settings. "In the future, new version Chrome, may not be possible open it."

    (edit) It works on mobile, but not mine.

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