Digger_12 logfile message re:digger_config.xml
  • Trying to convert gpx to mca files. Not working and this shows in log file:
    can not access source file: C:\...\digger_12\digger_12_1_5\import\...\digger_config.xml

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  • What exactly is not working? What kind of gpx-file do you have, where does it come from?

    The message from the log-file, between import and digger_config.xml, for what file are the three dots (...)?
    Usually all map-mca-files from MapFactor (like germany_osm_west.mca) don't have an digger_config.xml inside, that's why digger can't access them.

    So, can you perhaps provide your gpx-file, I could try to convert it for you. You could contact me by PN.
  • Thanks. The gpx files are coming from from Garmin Basecamp. The "dots" represent the names of the file structure which i thought would be confusing. Sorry.
  • Okay... and now?

    Does it work? Or?

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