Slow route recalculation ?
  • Hi, I've encountered, a slow recalculation of route, if a miss a turn, or if I want to go on another way.. Takes 15 seconds, or more !

    Same in town, and in a major city !

    Can be done something with this, or I'm the only one with this issue ?

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Android 4.4.2 !
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  • I can't confirm that, although running on a rather slow device.
    Could it be that there are some other apps working in the background?
    If you have your maps on SD card: is it a fast one? The higher the class, theoretically the faster it is. Mine is class 10 (the maximum).
  • I know all of that. It's weird . All software is  on internal storage, and only pictures music etc, are on MicroSD Card.

    I disabled for the moment, gpx recording, compass, and allowed "u turn"   !

    i'll test tomorrow for the moment !
  • I have a question for tomas...
    Do you use multicore for route calculation/recalculation, or you use  a single core in your software? Because i encounter this weird aproach on osmand navigation too. On that software, the route recalculation is much slower than here. They confirmed that for the moment uses a single core, despite the fact that all new android devices has at least 2 cores cpu...
  • that is not question for me, more like mdx

  • Imho, route calculation/recalculation time is heavily depending on the length of the route, number of waypoints, hardware and maybe more factors.
    On longer routes, say a few hundred km plus a few waypoints here 10-20 seconds are quite normal.
    And not every unit out there has 2 cores or more, there are thousands of older devices which perfectly run Navigator free, but take their time for recalculation.
  • Same problem if route is 100 km, or is 5 km.

    No waypoints . Just from A to B.  Not software running in background. Does not matter if teh phoen has 2 8, or 8 cores, if teh software is not optimisez for multi threading... and to be capable to use more than 1 core...
    Maybe @tomas, can tel us if the software is multi core capable ?

  • ULI is not time to tell me how a gps software works...
    It is no same  situations with map for these days compared with maps from 2 or 3 years ago. Much info are on the map now, much possibilities to calculate a route. So , i think using advantage from a multicore CPU could make a big difference...
  • I have the idea that navigator is mono-core. I tried many navigation apps and Mapfactor navigator is by far the fastest in route calculation. Simply fast is not useful if the route is not OK. I did comparisons between Osmand, BeOnRoad (now Aponia and only commercial maps), NavFree, Navit and of course Mapfactor Navigator, all with OSM maps.
    Navit was in general slightly faster then Mapfactor Navigator, but definitely not as good.
    All the others were slower to extemely slow (OsmAnd) and did not deliver better routes (and neither worse though). I used to be a heavy Osmand user and contributor (map related) and I produced some extensive comparisons in the OsmAnd mailing list in short/medium/long routes (long routes > 400 km impossible with Osmand) and low/high density road infrastructure (Ruhrgebiet versus Sweden for example).
    For me the clear winner was Navigator: both in speed and correctness(1).

    If you experience the route calculation as slow, I would suggest to test against another app to check whether it is just your interpretation and feeling, or whether there is really something wrong in your "configuration" with regard to Navigator.
    And also check whether your SDcard does not contain errors/corruptions. I had that too about 1½ years ago.

    (1): I have activated small local roads as well with the setting 30/30/50 as the Netherlands has a lot of 30 km roads inside cities and Navigator tends to go to bigger roads too fast in cities, thereby creating unnecessary, longer "D-tours".

    Edit: I also compared memory usage in a couple of apps and Navigator is doing very well as well. I routed from North-Sweden to Malaga, some 4600 km or so, and Navigator only used 70-75MB, which means it will run well on older devices as well. Not all apps could do this and OsmAnd not at all due to not enough memory (on a 512MB phone)
  • Yes but we can ( really) benefit from multi-core in this situation. This is the trend of hardware evolution. The market is full of quad core devices. We canot stay indefinite in "stone age"  ...
  • I do agree of course about Navigator using multiple threads.
    I reacted on 2 posts and maybe I should have used 2 posts myself. 
    One about the single/multi-threading possibilities. It is hard to program though if there are dependencies between calculations. But the first step could be to do the (re)calculations in one thread, and the map/screen rendering in another.

    And then a second post about the route calculation itself and it being slow or not.

    Edit: Note though that use of multicores was introduced with Honeycomb (3.0-3.2.x6). Older Androids can't use it.
  • As I know route calculation runs in single thread. Problem of using multithreads is in memory access-it is needed to use locks to prevent crash. And locking may cause slower performance than single thread use.
  • Yesterday I've tested without compas, and gpx track recording, enabled..... And route recalculation is much-much faster..... It's normal !  For the moment seems to be ok !
  • Gabriel, can you test if same problem is in version 1.4.20+?
  • Gabriel, is your compass reliable enough?? Mine is pretty inaccurate, if I activate it, things get 'crazy' with recalculations and misdirections all over the place. Without it, Mapfactor (and othes apps) works fine.
    You can check it with software like 'GPS Test'.

    Offtopic... funny thing is my compass WAS reliable, just until I accidentally dropped my phone on concrete floor :(
  • I didn't noticed any problems..I event lauched the factory tests from the hidden Note 3 firmware functions

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