problem after trying to upgrade to newer version of the program (paid version)
  • Hi

    I have a problem after trying to update my software from version 12.08
    to version 12.10 (on a windows XP machine)

    after updating the setup utility, my paid version will not launch and
    says that I have to enter a valid key. I enter my activation code and it
    says that it is not valid.

    Please help me resolve this problem since I need my GPS program badly.

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  • Hi tolins,
    please contact support - at - and if you can attach navigator.log.txt file from
    "c:\Documents and Settings\USER\Data aplikací\Navigator\12.0"
    "c:\Documents and Settings\USER\Data aplikací\Navigator\12.1"
    folders + public part of your product key.

  • Hi
    Since I use this version in my carpc and my carpc has no internet connection is it possible to update without an internet connection ?

    Can I download the demo version on my home pc, copy the download to a usb stick and then use the usb stick files to update my carpc.  after that,insert my key to make it the paid version ?

  • Hi tolins,
    there is no free map update for TomTom maps, you would need to pay for upgrade.
  • Hi tomas
    I do not want to update the maps, I want to update the software from version 1208 to version 1210. How can I do it on a computer without internet access (my car pc does not have internet access) ?

    And one more question. How much is the map upgrade and when were these maps updated ?
  • you can update software using Setup Utilities on your PC, same way as you did it first time - not all version are backward compatible with old data.
    map update prices are on our web site:
    standard -
    truck -

  • Hi Tomas

    The first time my car pc was on my bench and I could connect it to the
    internet. Now it is in my car and I cannot connect it to the internet.
    How can I update with no internet connection?
  • I think, what tomas wants to say is, that you use the Setup Programm of your internet-pc and update first this pc. Than you take this pc to your car, connect both and update your car pc from your "internet"-pc (which can be offline at this moment).
  • Hi Oldie, this would work for map updates, I am not so sure for program - I think mdx would need to comment
  • As I wrote at the beginning ... it would be easier to solve it via support. Keep your activated product key.

    Note, that there is also possibility that you activate PC Navigator manually on PC without internet - it will display 12 characters code which is necessary to fill on our registration website (
  • Hi All, I just purchased Navigator 14 but where to find 12 digit code for registration?
    Got only 25 digit code in email.

  • please see mdx comment above
  • @Kai - first enter your 25 code key and then you should see your 12 digit activation key
    (I suppose that you already entered it in Setup Utility /Settings)

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