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  • Hi!. 
    (not facebook nor google let me sign up easily so I had to do it the old-fashioned-way... don't know if this is as intended). 

    Now, my problem is that I can't update/download maps... 

    I enter navigator (free) [Samsung Ace, Andriod 2.3.6] go to [Spanish] "Gestor de mapas" (middle down bar icon) Click on "Descargar mapa" [Download map] and it shows: TomTom Maps and TomTom Truck maps... 
    (The same window as if I went to "Buy Maps"). 

    Is this as intended?, if it's, anyone can help me upgrade the map? (OSM). 

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  • very strange, never heard this before
    go to settings/data source and check that you are in Navigator free
  • Hello Gobolino,
    did you buy TomTom maps before? If yes then this could be offer for map upgrades?? What version of Navigator do you use?
  • Yep, OSM is selected in the source. 
    I'm using... errr... wait a minute I just checked and I forgot... 


    No, strange, I never bought TomTom maps (or any other thing in the cell phone, for that matter =P). 

    It's that somehow (apparently) both "links" (Download and buy) go to the same place (buy Tomtom). 
    If I uninstall and install again I guess I lose all "my places", right?, is there anyway to backup only that data?

  • no, you will not loose your places, but please make backup - file is favourites.xml
    here is the latest version
  • Hi!, me again reporting...
    Managed to solve this issue, did a lot of things so actually I don't know "which one" worked or if they were all needed, what I had to do:
    - Uninstall
    - Went into the SD and manually deleted navigator files that were still there. 
    - Used SD maid and delete all "corpses". 
    - Reboot phone
    - Reinstall

    Now it works accordingly, OSM maps in download and TomTom in buy. 

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