Some Changes Needed for Navigation
  • Please change the color used for road category. Try to use like other navigation software.

    Motorway : Blue
    Trunk       : Green
    Primary    : Red
    Secondary: Orange
    Tertiary     : Yellow
    Unpaved and gravel roads: Grey

    Also, try to change the color you use for green area, like forests, parks, grass, etc... Put the green color a more vibrant one.... All colors are faded now.

    Try to fill with color the Arrows for One Way roads.... For the moment is a little bit difficult to see one way roads while navigating..

    In Romanian Language we have to change the translation for Roads Category, because in Road Restriction we have 2 Main Roads...
    So after Motorway, we have
    Primary Road ( this one is trunk and is European Roads )
    Major Road is National Roads..

    So from Top to Bottom, in Romanian we have to have like this

    Drum Principal European
    Drum Principal Național
    Drum Secundar Județean
    and all can remain the same to bottom.
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  • @GabrielMoise: What I completely forgot to mention about your remark
    "Also, try to change the color you use for green area, like forests, parks, grass, etc... Put the green color a more vibrant one.... All colors are faded now."

    The "washed out" colors have to do with the opacity<->transparency.
    opacity can range from 255 (solid) to 0 (transparent).
    In Map Editor and now also in Navigator you can modify your schemes.
    What I did is choose a much lighter color green for woodland_area and woodland_tree_area (#9cd67b), and I removed the pattern as I personally don't like that. I also set the opacity in Effects->Greenery from 60 to 175. High transparency (low opacity) always make a color look "washed out".
    I have a brilliant, vibrant green background (of course: your taste for colors might be different but you can see the difference).
    Image 1 is the standard "Autopilot Day".
    image 2 is "my_scheme"

    Edit: reduced size to 50%


    My scheme:
  • I will create a new topic "Android color scheme editor" as I do have some comments. So far I do like it.
  • Mapfactor supports several color combinations. Did you already try them?

    The colors you mention are the default OpenStreetMap colors. German OpenStreetMap colors are already different (Germany has both the biggest and most active OSM community).
    I used at least 5 OSM based nav apps. All have other colors only OsmAnd uses defaultly the OpenStreetMap colors and there are several render types for Osmand that also change these colors (I made some of them when I was still using it).

  • I've tried other color presets, but I have only AutoPilot, that have best looking colors, Europe, colors has yellow colow for Motorway and tertiay roads.... so this one "falls"..
    Great Britain, looks so ugly in town, and a lot of this one falls too...

    Please look at skobbler colors..... The graphics are awesome..... colors, etc.....
  • Colors are a personal preference. Some color schemes are not even usable for color-blind people. So mentioning that  "the colors of ... are the best" is very subjective.
    To me that would require an xml file where users could define their own color scheme. That would be a feature request.

    In the mean time you can play with the file and the file.
  • It is about Igo Primo, Navigon, Aponia, Beonroad, even Garmin. At those navigation software will not see this kind of problems about different colour for link-roads. Or yelow colours for motorways. And i think they have a much bigger experience.

    We didn't talk here about osmand ( wich in my opinion looks great because it shows the native colour scheme of mapnik web renderer). These was only examples for comparation. For example Skobbler have a very clear and interesting default colour scheme...

  • you can create your own colour scheme with these tools

    file to edit is
  • Thanks. I will try it...
  • How about the oneway arrows? I think filled with black colour will be much more visible than "empty" arrows..
  • @hvdwolf: did you do it using Android color scheme editor? (I still have no feedback for scheme editor)
    There is possibility to export color scheme and if you click on edited item preview you can change arrows. I think it is not clear enought. There is possibility also to use patterns(arrows, trees) for another loaded scheme.

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