Intalling v.14
  • Hello All [especially Tomas]

    First the good news:

    I have been a user of Mapfactor Navigator for a number of years - originally through work on the paid versions [probaly from v6 - v9] and since retirement, using the 'free' versions up to v12.

    I am a great fan of the work done to get the Progs. and Apps. to this stage.

    I live in the UK.

    Last Spring we travelled the Atlantic coasts of France, Spain and Portugal in our CamperVan, returning from Porto allong the Duro/a acrooss the Spanish interior, over the Pyrenees and back through central France to Le Harve - well over 4000km.

    Using Navigator Free with OSM, on an old Lap-Top and a couple of Samsung Tablets made the whole process of planning and executing the route a 'doddle' - [Digger is great for adding my own personal P.O.Is.]

    Thank you so much Tomas and Mapfactor for providing these facilities.

    Now for my question:

    In May Pebubu raised a question:

    "Navigator 12 Setup Utility installs Navigator 11 (V 11.0.56) ???"

    It seemed that the problem lay in an earlier verion of Navigator having been installed, and was resolved I think by a clean installation.

    I have a slightly similar, and somewhat urgent question along the same lines.

    I notice that I can [and did] download an installer for Windows v.14  [I assume the version between 12 and 14 suffers from the Scottish Play Syndrome].

    When I run it, it offers to install v.12 - I did this -  but into a different folder to my original v.12.

    Somehow I have now managed to mess both up, one is looking for Maps, and the other for a licence....

    Anyway - Assuming that the problem lay in my previous installation, I downloaded the installer on to another Windows PC which as far as I know has never had PC Navigator installed on it, but the installer is still offering v.12, despite the 'pop up' showing v14.1.2.

    So Question/s:

    Does v.14 Free exist?

    If YES - Can anyone advise solutuion?


    Fred F.

    PS - Time constraint - have just booked Eurotunnel for Thursday 11SEP - another 4000km trip comming up...

    PPS. Android versions working fine, and I do have another LapTop with v.12 working and maps updated, but would like to clear up the mess on the other more portable one...


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  • You have downloaded and installed the Setup Utility for 14.1.2?

    Then before installing the application go to settings and tick "Early map access".
    Otherwise you'll get the 12.x version.


  • Oh, now I understand. What I did yesterday was setting the setup utility of version 12 to early access and it installed version 14 of the setup utility. Installing Navigator from the setup utility 14 installed version 12 of Navigator again (as to  FredF). Now I know that I have to check early access again in the setup utility version 14, because it is unchecked, when it was updated from 12 to 14.

    So the secret is, to check twice early access, not just one time ;-) und you will be updated to navigator 14 ;-)
  • Hello Both

    Thanks for your advice -

    I managed to 'rescue' the v.12 on the Laptop by re-installing and copying the Data from the good version on the other machine.

    Back to v.14......

    I am trying to install this on the 'virgin' machine first.

    I understand that I need to:

    Install and Run the v.14 Setup Utility

    Go to <Settings>

    Select <Early Map Access> then  <OK>

    When I then select <Install Application> and then <Install PC Navigator>, I am still offered v.12

    Should I install this first then make some other adjustments before proceeding, or do you think I have another problem?

    I know I should be doing other things to prepare for my journey right now, but I would love to have a look at v.14 before I go...


    Fred F.
  • You are missing one step. After checking early acces in setup utility, don't choose install application but "product updates" and this will offer Navigator 14 for download. Download and install just after that.
  • Hello O.

    Thanks for that

    That doesn't work on the 'virgin' machine where I have no Program installed, but I am offered it on the 'Good' version 12, but I don't want to risk that at this time.

    Do you think I need to install v.12 on the 'virgin' machine, then run the update?


    Fred F.
  • Oops - thanks for tests and Oldie for clarification ... in 3 days it will automatically "roll to stable", so this problem with selecting "Early Access" twice disappears ... unless you find out something that we should not let other users upgrade from 12 to 14.

  • Hello Martin

    Can you confirm that I do need to have v.12 installed to get v.14 until the stable is rolled out?


    Fred F.

    Sorry to be a p.i.t.a. but have a deadline...
  • No, you do not need ver12 - but make sure you have always selected Early Access (at the moment).
  • OK M.

    But it is still offering me v.12 in the Setup Wizard - I will proceed with that and report back.


  • Hello All

    No! - That doesn't work for me.

    I installed from the v.14 installer - only offered v.12 in Wizard.

    Installed that - looked for updates via Update Facility - None Available

    Looked for updates from v.14 Update Facility - None Available - so took option Install application from v.14 Setup Facility - just offers to install v.12 via Wizard again...

    I do have Early map access selected under settings..

    What am i doing wrong?

  • OK an Update!

    I had a look at the options on the 'rescued' machine - where I had re-installed using the v.12 installer, and that is offering me the Upgrade to v.14

    Looks like the problem lies with the v.14 installer I downloaded NavigatorFree_install.exe / MapFactor s.r.o. Product Version 14.1.2-1

    Hope this helps.

    Will now Uninstall from the 'virgin' machine, then install via v.12 installer and see what happens...


  • I expected that you do not have anything installed - so it is probably picking old installation. Please delete setup*.exe files in c:\ProgramData\Navigator\14.0\Install (maybe different version directory) ... it should download 14.1

    you can double check
    that it really contains 14.1 installations
  • Yes that seems to be it.

    Did a fresh re-install on the 'virgin' machine and took the options I suggested above, and now have v.14 installed.

    I had hoped to have v.12 and v.14 running in parallel before departure so that I could do a hard comparison during my forthcoming journey, but it looks like that isn't possible at this stage.

    Might it be possible after the "roll to stable"?

    And one more thing - Are the maps interchangeable between v.12 and v.14..?


  • Quickie:

    Maps currently interchangeable but now in a new folder Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Navigator\x.y


  • The maps are at the moment interchangeable, but it can later change ... 14.1 for example supports (future) split of Canada OSM and Russian Federation OSM, while ver 12 does not. Also 14.1 handles data for more precise speed description, but it is now used for TomTom data only.
  • Well, I need to revive this thread because I don't understand it.
    Can someone explain in one single answer how to proceed.

    I used to have Navigator 12.3 (actually still have it).
    I used the setup utility and checked 'early access' as described above.
    The utility offered to install two components and I agreed.
    The utility now reports it is version 14.1.2 free.
    If I choose for updates it says there are no updates.
    If I choose for installing the application it does so (or pretends to do so) but the application is still Navigator 12.3, while I expect it to be Navigator 14. So it is not updating at all.

    Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but I don't see what it is.
    I don't need the new version very badly as I'm not travelling that much, but having the new version would just be nice. Version 12 is great and version 14 is probably even better.

    Thank you in advance.
  • Did you also check "Early updates" in the 14.1.2 installation utility?


  • please delete your old setup_pc_navigator.exe installation ... somewhere like
    then you will be sure that Setup Utility download the newest one. Sorry for the trouble.
  • 1) "Early updates" nowhere to be seen.
    2) "setup_pc_navigator.exe" or something like that nowhere to be seen.
    So deleted Navigator 12 completely.

    Guess what: setup is offering to REINSTALL Navigator 12.

    Is updating the mobile version going to be the same drama?
  • All right...
    Apparently the installer is extremely picky about what it can see.
    Even old downloads make it to remember that it used to be Navigator 12.

    Now there is an installed and hopefully working version 14.

    Is there any way to give it back the existing settings of version 12 (which I backed up to a memory card) and more importantly how can I import the maps? As far as I can see the maps of version 12 and 14 are identical.
    Preferentially I don't want to redownload several hundreds megabytes of map data again.

  • Are you using PC navigator or Pocket/PND? Which path did you select to store the data (for PC nav)?

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