Speed alarms and warning sounds
  • I have recorded new wav files for speed and camera warnings and renamed them scout_default.wmv scout_1000.wmv, etc. Copied them to the navigator/warningsounds folder on the SD card. I am unable to get any of them to work when navigating.  In settings I have the camera and speed levels sounds and warning threshold set, but there are no announcements. I can play back the wav files and all seem ok.
    Any suggestions?

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  • Hi Roldorf,

    if you rename the files into other than the system names, then you can use your sound-files. Be sure, that these files are in the same folder like the navigator.exe.

    Because the system-sound-files are inside the sounds_xx_signal.mca, you can*t "overwrite" them.

  • Hi Crocodilefarm,

    I am running the android version0.14.30, so there is no exe file. I have replaced the original warning sounds with my own but kept the file names scout_****.wav.
  • Hi Roldorf,

    sorry, I'm using the WinCE Version and there is an *.exe   :-?
    The android I don't know, so sorry, here I can't help you.
  • on my device these two files are called
  • Hi Roldorf,
    do you have sounds (and Navigator installation) on internal or external SD card? If external try 0.14.35 available on http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator_0_14_x.apk
    there were two bugfixes since 0.14.30 which could be related.
  • Hi mdx,

    Sorry had to create new user name would not let me login as Roldorf. I have installed 0.14.35 will test in the next few days and get back to you. Thanks for your prompt reply.

  • Hi mdx,

    Personalised voice warnings now work after update to 0.14.35. Many thanks for the update.
  • Gentlemen,

            Are there any reason why speedcam/lightcam alarms are linked to general overspeed alarms? I.e. if I disable overspeed warnings, I don't get cam alarm sounds, and that's not very useful.
            Also, on a side note - why overspeed warning thresholds are expressed in percents, and not kmh/mph? I believe in most countries speeding fines are based on absolute values and not percents..
  • I find the speed alarm annoying.  The fact that there is lack of hysteresis does not help.   It will be nice to have an option that the speed limit shows up even the speed alarm turns off or provide user option "100% over speed limit".

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