Navigator 14 ?
  • On your products website you already offer Navigator 14 for sale.

    With surprise I read that it finally has a north up orientation mode, something I have been waiting for a long, long time in WINCE.

    So of course the natural question is:

    will this new version also be available as Navigator free in a foreseeable future?


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  • yes, soon, please be patient
  • Well, if you would like to test it here is temporary link to PND version:

  • Thank you for the possibility to test the PND version 14.0.17.
    Just installed it on my WINCE 5 device and took a 1 hour testdrive.
    Everything so far seems to work like usual.
    Even my long awaited north up mode (do not turn maps) works, BUT..
    in north oriented mode it's not good that the GPS cursor always stays in the lower third of the display.
    That would be ok on a N,E or W course but on a S course you see almost nothing of the route that's before you.
    Therefore on a S course the cursor should either move to the upper third or on every course at least sit in the middle of the display which gives an equal preview in every direction. I think in the Android version you already have it this way.

    Thanks for the good work


  • I have now used your test version for 10 days over 800 kms and found no further problems for my usage as navigator in my car.

    Only, as I am a map north up guy the above mentioned too low GPS cursor position when navigating in north up mode is annoying.

    In non navigating (map only) and north up mode the GPS cursor position is already in the middle of the display and much better positioned.
    So please make the behaviour the same in navigation-north up mode.


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