France works not
  • Hello, i was downloading France today, but the Maps do not work. Maybe you can look why.
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  • they work for me, try to delete it and redownload
  • Really, i made the redownloading three times, and france is still empty. Maybe i should use Tor and downloading again? If i remove all maps (while keeping a backup) and downloading only france_osm_west.mca
    new, then Navigator free crashes.
    When made you the download of the maps? Maybe the content on the download server is now broken.
  • I've downloaded France maps (early access) yesterday an have no problems on my Android phone.
  • Maybe a mirror on the internet have broken content. My download speed was high.
  • Is downloading without the downloader for using a proxy possible? Maybe i have to wait until a update released.
  • you can also download maps using our PC version:
    once maps are downloaded, copy them to your device, navigator/data folder
  • This will be very nice, but i cant find where. I See no download possibility on this page.
  • I use the PC Version....... Maybe i should test the android version. can you give me a direct download?
  • All map download went well in the last days. The same for all French maps. There is no difference.
  • Just to be sure, are you running one of the latest mapfactor free-versions?

    Since france-maps splitted some months ago, these new splitted maps require one of the newer navigator applications.
  • By the way, I download map using the PC setup utility and then sychronize with the phone.
  • I thought the setup utility tell me when a newer Version than 12.3.0 comes out, isnt it so?
    My Android is 2.2.... Cant test download over android. Maybe some people with older french maps have this problems not.
  • Yesterday was a france update - france north. The map in France is still empty. Same Problem is on all our windows platforms Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
  • an other (perhaps stupid) question.
    Are the france-maps checked?

    Did you delete the old map of france (the one without north, south, east and west in the filename)?
  • I have no problems using my set of France maps from June 4th and 16th on PC or Android phone.
  • Matthias,
    can you tell me the sizes of MCA files (or even md5?). If Navigator (PC?) crashes, can you check/send us the navigator.log.txt file? The source server would be visible in setup.log. The path is something like:
    (the version will be probably different)
  • Hello,

    I have the same Problem with all The maps of France,
    They are listed in the downloaded maps, but is not shown up in the map, and not in search function for addresses.

    I downloaded it several times, but is not working.

    Device: Blackberry q5
    Version: 0.12.18 it is only one available via amazonappstore

    Everything works fine, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, Germany, only France is not Working.

    It looks like a secret

    Best regards and many thanks for this fantastic APP

  • Don't know if you really mean version 0.12.18, the newest is 1.2.50+

    Did you delete the old one part map of France? You should only have the new ones with W, N, E or S. And when published they needed a new navigator version of at least 1.0.41.

  • Oh Yes,

    I mean the version 0.12.18, this is the current version if you get it from amazon app store,
    this is a problem with using android apps on Blackberry mobiles, but it is working better and better.

    Yes I delete it several times, and I delete everything tthe whole App, reinstall, load all four maps of France again, and it is  still the same.
    This is normally not really serious, but i am living at the french border, so i would need it sometimes.

    I just could try to install the apk - file directly, but where can i get it?
    The version 1.2.50+ ?

    And it tried a higher version, install with apk, already, but this one was not running on Blackberry at all.

    The whole app is running excellent, version 0.12.18, everything is working properly,
    only France is missing.

    I coould send a screenshot from the adjustements with version 0.12.18, if you dont believe me.

    Nevertheless Thank you very much for this quick response.
  • OK

    I downloaded an apk 1.2.50 and installed it,
    It is working wonderrful now, and now i was even able to change The storage for maps, this was not working with The old Version.

    Thanks everybody

  • Hello, sorry i was long time not here.

    france_osm_west.mca    240.022.817 Bytes
    france_osm_south.mca    205.617.726 Bytes
    france_osm_north.mca    167.221.396 Bytes
    france_osm_east.mca    201.023.706 Bytes

    Edit 24.06.2014 13:42:01
    Today i was updating maps on windows XP from the windows 7 system. In Windows XP works france now, but in the source-system Windows 7 is france still empty. This is strange.

    Can you provide a testversion of navigator 14?
  • I found the reason now at all:

    I started navigator always with an old shortcut. I made the windows start menu in my own order and in windows 7 and windows 8 is classic shell installed with the same order, and some programs i start with free commander. so is it normal that i use older shortcuts to start a program.

    The shortcut is strange:
    C:\Programme\Navigator12\PC_Navigator\PC_Navigator.exe --atlas='C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users.WINDOWS\Anwendungsdaten\Navigator\12.3\atlas_pcn_free.idc'

    The wrong shortcut was

    --atlas='C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All

    with this shortcut france works not, and without a worldmap navigator crashes.....

    thanks for watching.

    I suggest to make shortcuts more easy for all versions. maybe i should use a shortcut to the shortcut - no not, because windows dont support it.

  • Na sowas. Glückwunsch aus Chemnitz nach L-O ;-)
  • In Windows 7 and 8 is the problem also when Navigator to the taskbar toggled. The toggled icon stay with the old information, also when new startmenu-icons created. When a new version installed you have to renew the toggled icon. @ Oldie Grüße aus LO nacfh Chemnitz :)

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