Voice and sounds too loud
  • How can I decrease the soundlevel of Mapfactor Navigator free on WinXP, to a lower level, without changing the volume level of played Music?
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  • Same problem in Android. Voice is too loud.
  • Voice and speedwarnings are too loud. Shoult be reduceable in the application only for navigator. In android version there ist no settings.xml and there are no volume buttons in the right buttom corner. Something should be implemented, to navigate with the application while playing music

  • Just installed on Android 6 on a Moto G4.  I've tried to follow the threads on this but it doesn't seem to match what I see. I have no volume control visible at all. I am trialling Mapfactor to see if it can replace a Garmin on my motorbike. I play navigation and music to a Bluetooth headset. Without the ability to independently control navigation volume this is a complete non-starter. The rest of the app looks great from a quick trial. I assume there must be some Android difficulties in getting this to work or otherwise could not understand how such a basic feature would be missing. While I'm here it would be great to have a quick mute button on the map screen. Perhaps this could be a panel option.

  • If you navigate, does the volume button (right bottom corner) degrees also your played music?
  • Yes, it degrees Volume of played Music.
    Without Routing, these buttons are not there. Speedwarnings are played anyway and much louder than Radio, Mp3 or something else, that will be played on PC.

    Next thing, Navigator12.01 closes after a few minutes. Before, with 12 the whole PC hangs...
    Better now, but not as good as it could be.

    How to use OTIS instead of Radio TMC or both together?
  • Now, I've set in settings.xml Soundvolume to 4%.
    It is much better and protects me and my passengers from Heart attack, but whyle driving, at next message, volume levels up to 50%!!!
    Next message: Heart Attack!
  • Copy the files beginning scout_*.wav from Navigator/warningsounds from your external SD card if that is where you have the maps to your PC. Use a sound editor to reduce the volume of the following files:-
    then copy them back.
    If you leave them on your PC you can recopy when Navigator is updated (Files are replaced on an update).
    I have replaced the sounds in the scout_*.wav files with my own warning sounds (not quite so loud).

    See this link for a text to speech website from AT&T where I made my new warning sounds.

  • In my Android phone the path on the sd-card is navigator\warningsounds. But this doesn't affect voice commands of course. This remains to be done ...
  • While playing Pandora on my Galaxy Note 3 running Android, while the volume of Pandora music is correct, the Google Maps voice navigation is about 4x louder and close to  damaging my speakers if not my eardrums.

    The post above says to use a sound editor to reduce them (which I have no clue what that means) and the following post says that would only affect the warnings and not the voice navigation guidance so buying a "sound editor" would be a waste of time anyway.

    This is a recent change to the behavior of Google Maps audio, was unexpected, and needs to be corrected quickly.  Someone at Google really messed the audio volume up.  Either the volume from Maps should be at the same level as Pandora or whatever else is being used, or Google Maps needs to provide a separate control for volume.  The volume of all other apps is at about the same level as Pandora and all are controllable by the one volume rocker on the left of the phone.  It is ONLY Google Maps that has decided to  ignore the user selected volume and  blast out volume at the max level.
  • sorry, but you are probably at a wrong forum, we are not Google
  • Hi,
    is there any known workaround for reducing (maybe providing new files) to decrease the volume?
  • We've discussed about this problem many times. I've created alternative build for Android with "custom volume* feature BUT it could be buggy(there is special hack to make it working and I think it won't work on all devices). We sent this build to few testers but noone gave us any feedback.
  • @lubos, I'd like to test that special build - where can I get it? Can it be installed in parallel to the official build or without losing settings and maps?
  • I would add my voice to this issue as well.
    It needs to be dealt with.
  • Dave, please read entry above yours
  • Hello I have similar bug but the sound is too low. If the car is in drive or turn on music, no longer understand anything.
    I try to modify volume from my phone or change from setings surce sound, but the problem persist, the sound is too slow :(.
  • please set Media sound channel in settings/advanced and disable SCO
  • The sco is disable, and the problem persist. :(
  • enable aand disable SCO few times
    and make sure that your media volume is not muted

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