Import POIs with diggerQT 12 in PocketPC
  • Hi all.
    I have a (big) problem when I try to import my POI files *.CSV.
    The icon is a separate file *.bmp. I have two file: redcameras.cvs (containing the data) and redcameras.bmp (containing icon).
    And import fails.

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  • Hello Paolo

    I hope this doesn't sound trite, but if you have not made a typing error, then your problem could lie in calling the file redcameras.cVS instead of redcameras.cSV.

    If this is not the problem, please post some more details.


    Fred F.
  • Thanks for your reply.
    This is a typing error: my files are redcameras.csv and redcameras.bmp.
  • There should be a log file next to digger (which would give us more info) + use PNG images instead of BMP (I am not sure if they are automatically converted).
  • I have used a PNG image and the import works.
    I have selected a *.PNG file in:

    - object appearance assignment window

    - single object for all record

    - double click on style field

    - icon -> filename C:/Cartella temporanea/POI/Camping.PNG

    I have created some files *.mca, but in my pocketpc the imported POIs aren't visible and the list of POIs is the standard list: imported POIs aren't included.
    I must to copy the *.mca files into my pocketpc (windows mobile 5)?
  • Help me, please!
    There is someone who can answer?
    I have copied *.mca files into a folder \iPAQ File Store\NavigatorFree, the same folder of the maps.
    (see attachment SNAG-0008.jpg
    But the imported POIs aren’t visible in the list (see attachment
    SNAG-0007.jpg and in the map.

  • you did not install it correctly, I cannot see any subfolders in the navigator folder - fo4 that reason you have no icons
  • I think I understand what happened.
    I did the import using the driver TOMTOM (*. Ov2) but, obviously, the data latitude and longitude were reversed.
    I redid the import using *. CSV and I chose the coordinates and everything works.
    It seems strange that no one has already noticed.
    If what I think is true (do some testing too) would be good to enter a few changes to the DIGGER.

  • Where did you get your Ov2 file? (just checking that source was not incorrectly swapped)
  • From
    You need an account: I can send to you private e-mail name and password of my account.

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