Road Restrictions
  • I am not clear about the configuration of Road Restrictions. If the Road Type Icon is Green, does that mean the road is allowed, or does it mean it's restricted? e.g. If Toll Road is green, does that mean it it will allow Mapfactor to route onto a toll road? Is that the same for Motorways, Major Roads, etc?
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  • green = allowed
    if toll road is green then routing on toll roads is allowed
  • I was thrown by a routing that took me from Frankenmuth, MI to Kitchener, ON, by going south of the great lakes, crossing into Canada at Montreal, PQ and then west to Kitchener. That made no sense.

    I finally found the problem was the Charge Road was not enabled. Charge Road was a term that I haven't seen used before, on other mapping programs or GPS.

  • charge road = roads where you have to pay yearly (monthly/daily) fee
  • In my case, the only road that it must have considered to be a charge road, would have been the Bluewater Bridge, between Port Huron, MI and Sarnia, ON and the Ambassador Bridge, between Windsor and Detroit. Most programs seem to treat this as a Toll Road, since you pay a per use fee, EVERY time you use it.

    There are pluses with the concept of Charge Road, vs Toll Road, once you understand what a Charge Road is. Some cases, you want to avoid toll roads, but you often have no choice when it comes to something like an International bridge. If you want to leave the country, you have to use it. No Choice, No discussion.

    I'm looking for devices to allow you to set-up Toll Roads as an avoidance, only when the tolls exceed a specific limit. Would be nice, but impossible to set-up. In my case, my GPS allows me to create a Custom Avoidance, that allows me to avoid sections of road that I highlight. It's a pain to set-up, but if you pre-plan it can be very useful (and frugal).

  • you can disable road links in Navigator - click on one and select 'pencil' from top menu
  • Just note, that attributes charge/toll work correctly for example in Tom Tom data, but not in OpenStreetMap source. They are not distinguishable and for tag toll=yes are set both charge/toll attributes to be true in MCA file.
  • Can anyone tell why navigator never avoids the London congestion charge or toll roads for me, is this something to do with OSM maps or am I doing something wrong. I have congestion charge and toll roads disabled in vehicle profile. This is on the android version haven't tried on windows version.
  • Congestion charge in London is used in Tom Tom maps. Is it defined also in OSM?
  • Thanks for repling. According to their wiki page ( it is now on their live maps so its on their interwebs site, don't know if this translates into the data you use from planet osm.
  • At first I wanted to complain that
    is not polygon ... but maybe it would be enough to set the congestion charge bit only on the boundary??
    I should read it first "is a toll-free circular primary route." and inside should be "type=toll" and here is the toll polygon:
    ... now just to implement it in data conversion.
  • Thank you for taking this on board, hope to see an implementation in the future.

    Cheers Adrian
  • The first attempt is now integrated in the conversion process. There could be OSM problem in October 2014 data due to deletion of (fixed by woodpeck_repair) near the planet dump release date ... we will see.

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