Dis-/Enable maps in Android
  • I don't know how to disable an installed map in Android.
    Within the WinCE-Version it is very easy, but in Android I can't find the option.

    Could you please help me?
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  • What do you mean exactly?
    If you are not interested in using it anymore, just move or delete it from the Navigator --> "Data" folder of your Android Device.
  • crocodilefarm,

    I'm afraid that is not possible in Android. Navigator will open all downloaded maps. The only way to do it is to rename the .mca map files that you don't want to see.
  • In navigator free: map manager: delete maps and select the installed maps you wan to remove.
  • Thanks to all for replying.

    that's what I expected. Thank you.

    @chattiewoman and Jan_Gruuthuse
    deleting maps is not what I wanted to do. I'm using a WinCE and a Android device. In the Win-Version (like the PC-Version for Windows) you can dis- or enable maps, that you want to see or even not.
    I asked for the information, because I often create my own maps with digger, when I'm going to make a tour. In that way I collect lots of "tracks" for driving.

    So, the only way for me in Android is to delete maps, I don't want to see. :(
  • I also suggested to move the file into another folder instead of deleting it. You can do that with every simple explorer app. Same for renaming.
  • Yes, I'm using Total Commander for that, but in the Windows-Version this feature is available.
  • you are quite right, in Android you cannot select which maps to display
    but I think it is not necessary as Android devices have more resources

    may be I am missing point here - why do you want to open just some maps?
  • I could even ask, why has the Win-Version this option?

    Short explained.

    I've created lots of tracks for riding by motorbike (with diggerQt in own mca-files). All these mca-maps are on my WinCE-device. When I'm going to make a tour, I can show or hide all other tracks, but don't have to delete them.

    And disableing maps should rise the performance of older devices. Okay, my Android-device is quit fast, and there is now need to disable real maps (single countries). But (for me) it would be nice to have the disable option for maps.

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