"Car mode activated"
  • Since a couple of days Navigator initiates an icon which is a steering wheel to the task line in my android phone. When I close Navigator this icon disappears as well.

    When drawing down over the task line, i have a line with the steering wheel which says. "car mode activated, please tap to close car mode". 

    In want to have an option, where i can advise Navigator not to start car mode from the beginning.
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  • By the way, what is this car mode for?
  • I think you need to switchit off in Android settings
  • Can you be more precise, please? I have never seen a setting for car mode (maybe due to the German translation).
  • it is a long time ago with older version of android, I think it was in accessories, but looking in settings now (4.3) I can see steering wheel icon next to Hands Free

    I also found this, it may help
  • Android "Car mode" is related to Android/Navigator "Night mode". If you select "automatic" or "night mode" also Android "Car mode" has to be activated. It is issue of Android OS. You cannot have system "night mode" without switching to "car mode".
    (as far as I know)
  • My phone is a Xperia active with ICS, set to German language. The German texts are "Automodus aktiviert" and "Zum Beenden des Automodus ausw√§hlen". If I tap this, "Automodus" is closed. But it was startet by Navigator so I want Navigator n o t to start "automodus".

    And there ist no setting in my phone, where I could switch carmode off.

    It is really difficult to find, what car mode is for. I had just one application, which changed the use of the home button of the phone. That was dashdroid https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nezdroid.mycardashboard&hl=de. When carmode is activated, pressing the home button starts the app dashdroid instead of going to the homescreen.

    In former times of Android carmode may be an app, which startet a kind of a simple homescreen with rather large buttons, that you could easily hit when driving a car (that is, what the app dashdroid is doing today in an even more sophisticated manner).
  • My 1st post here, so hello everybody! :)

    "Android "Car mode" has to be activated. It is issue of Android OS. You
    cannot have system "night mode" without switching to "car mode"."

    Could you somehow double-check this? Together with MapFactor I'm currently testing other free navigation apps (Waze, OsmAnd, NavFree) and they don't activate car mode in night mode.
  • Take a look at the article methods to build a car app in the most correct way I guess you could find answer there!

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