• Hello all,
    I've tagged some roads in my area with 'destination:lanes' informations. With the last update for Germany South these direction informations became visible with navigator 12. The only strange thing is the color of the signs.
    It seems that navigator displays all these informations ('destination:lanes') for germany on blue signs. This is correct if the tag 'highway' has the value 'motorway'. On all other roads in germany these signs typically have a yellow color.
    I'm not quite sure if this is really an issue how navigator handles these informations or if I've missed something during tagging.
    Here is an example:
    Any suggestions ?
    Regards Werner
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  • Hi Werner,
    I am not sure what I should see on your example? I think that all signposts have blue background (they could have different icons but it is not implemented in free maps yet).

  • Hello Martin,
    only the signposts on highway= 'motorway' or equivalent have blue background.
    The signposts on highway= 'primary', 'secondary', ... have yellow background in Germany.
    An example you can find here:
    signs 438 and 439 and others.

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