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  • Is there a possiblilty to rotate the whole application on my hardware? Not the maps with autorotate.

    Once, I've had a navigation-program, where I could turn the application from landscape to portait. Because when navigating the map usually rotates into the driving-direction, and so I can see, what's comming. 

    My screen-resolution is about 480x272, that means, I see everything, what's left and right from me, but what is in front of me, who knows?!?

    Okay, I could zoom in or out, but it would be nice to have an option to do it otherwise (--> 272x480).

    I'm using the pocket-navigator with Windows-CE.


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  • Hi crocodilefarm,
    ...try it with mortscript  :

    Rotate  ( 90 )
    RunWait( "\Storage Card\mapfactor\Navigator.exe")
    Rotate ( 0 )

    ... works on my MEDION PNA ( WIN CE 5 CORE ) with screen resolution 480x272
  • Oh, retsmoor,

    didn't see your answer. Thanks for that tipp, I'll try that.

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