Checksum Errors Android App 1.0.48
  • Hi,

    Firstly, love your work, have gone to great pains to get the app working on my Samsung GT-S360 but now I'm in.

    I cannot download the maps for France or Germany through the app - I get a "bad checksum" error.

    I saw a previous post saying DL using the PC version and copy the data from the PC/data folder to Andoid/mapfactor/data.
    I have got UK / Belguim / Italy no problem using the PC download tool, but still get bad checksum for any parts of France or Germany,

    Is there an alternative source for the maps? Can I for instance get Planet.osm and just have the whole world?

    Kind regards,

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  • Hi Steve,
    do you get bad checksum error on Android or PC, or both? Can you check the size of the downloaded files? regards

  • p.s. Tomas forwarded me your log files - half of them is corrupted (they should be text files - for example downloader_131123_012415.log.txt, or navigator_131124_081117.log.txt), so I believe that it is problem with your SD card, or corrupted file sytem ...
  • Thanks - yes Thomas suggested SD but i got the same problem with another SD.

    My phone is fairly basic and has only got a few apps on it so I will try a factory wipe / reset, and use my old (supplied with phone) SD.

    Cheers for all your help, I will keep you updated.

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