Signposts appear >10km to early
  • I found a much more serious issue with signposts. I noticed that signpost appear much to early.

    I got the signpost for a slight_right turn 15km before
    Roughly here I got the signpost
    For this slight_right turn

    A screenshot is below

    ^^ this was at least on the same road.

    I got on this way
    the signpost for this left turn
    This is roughly 30km and many turns before.

    To be honest, this is very confusing. But I really appreciate your efforts because I like these signposts


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  • This is surely a bug. Can you confirm the same behavior in Pocket/PC/PND Navigator?
    p.s. I will investigate it on Monday ...
  • I have no Pocket/PC/PND Navigator yet. Is there any way to test it with a laptop using an android phone as external bluetooth GPS? I am driving this way (75km) each working day.
  • The bug is still there. I got a signpost 35km too early with the new data published this night for South Germany. I think I know what happens. It displays you the next available information from destination:lanes on your route, regardless how far away it is.
    It seems you have changed Mapfactor to display "through" information i.e. when you need to stay on a motorway it is displaying the information for the through-lanes. Not sure it is a bug or a feature. Now it is confusing if you are driving on motorway A and it displays you the through information for motorway B because there is the next destination:lanes information in the data on your route. I have screenshots available if it helps you

  • this is a bug in Android version (for 90%), not solved yet, sorry [i.e. it is not necessarily related to data]
  • Just for information, if you don't already know it, with the WinCE-Version I don't see any of those signposts.

    Is it, because I'm using the Free-version with OSM-maps?

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