Navigator 11 bugs
  • I found one and a half bugs in PC Navigator 11.

    1) When no start point is set and you try to set a navigation destination via TCP, like '$destination=...', then an endless loop is started for route calculation.

    2) I try to read the file 'routing_points.xml' programmatically in order to catch the destination a user has entered, but sometimes the file only consists of \0 characters. This may be normal behaviour as it indicates that the application couldn't exit gracefully the last time of usage.

    Can you confirm these bugs?
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  • Hi Max,
    $destination command has many parameters, which ones are you using?
    ad 2 - when you close Navigator, 'routing_points.xml' should be valid XML file
  • ad 1) e.g. $destination=50.123456,6.123456;departure;navigate
    ad 2) I had this issue two or three times. What's the reason for this behaviour? Is the file handle kept open until the application is closed?

    Thanks for your help
  • ad 1 - do you want to specify "departure" yes or not? In your example you would need at least one more point [In version 12 you will get:

    ad 2 - the XML file should be opened only on start, then closed. Whenever you add routing point it should be directly saved/closed. The same on exit of Navigator.
  • ad 1: ok, you are right. I use it without "departure". But that's not the problem. When there is no start given (I don't know if in routing_points.xml or settings.xml), then the route is calculated over and over again.

    ad 2: good to know. I try to avoid closing the application brutally.

    will there be an update version 11 -> 12 ?
  • Bonsoir,
    Depuis quelques temps PC Navigator 11 free démarre puis s"arrête. J'ai réinstaller mais rien a faire il s’arrête a la fin du chargement, juste avant l"affichage de la carte et du menu principal.
    Pouvait vous m'aider?

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