Cannot find maps
  • Hi,

    Can somebody help please?

    I have downloaded navigator  v 11.0.56 and free maps to my Thrive TD43 satnav.  If i connect the satnav to my PC I can find the maps, however the satnav is not reading the maps.  The satnav is new and was working prior to updating to v11.0.56. I've spent about 3 days trying to fix this but Iam not sure what I should be doing. Help!
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  • please forward navigator.log.txt file
  • Tomas thanks for the contact.

    Here is the navigator.log file:

    command line:''
    SYS_HIRES: Not running in highres mode
    IDC file: \residentflash\mobilenavigator\atlas.idc
    Trying to load \residentflash\mobilenavigator\settings.xml
    \residentflash\mobilenavigator\settings.xml loaded and initialized
    Settings loaded successfully.
    SYS_DPI: 96,96
    PROFILER: <1> new BarneyApplication() - 0.022 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() START - 0.523 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() splashScreen showed - 0.910 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() localization initialized - 0.916 secs
    Version: v.11.0.56 PND
    Resolution: 480 x 272
    PROFILER: <2> ResourceContainer::ResourceContainer() - 0.282 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() ResourceContainer COLD initialization - 1.202 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() SoundsPlayer and Events initialized - 1.217 secs
    sound_en                        : data version= 2, data creation=200809171, vendor id=0, license id=0, path='\ResidentFlash\mobilenavigator\sounds_en.mca\', name=MapFactor - Lotta
    sound_xx_signal                 : data version= 2, data creation=201001271, vendor id=0, license id=0, path='\ResidentFlash\mobilenavigator\sounds_xx_signal.mca\', name=Signal sounds
    import_cameralights             : data version=1001, data creation=201207230, vendor id=255, license id=0, path='\ResidentFlash\mobilenavigator\cameralight.mca\'
    import_cameraspeed              : data version=1001, data creation=201207230, vendor id=255, license id=0, path='\ResidentFlash\mobilenavigator\cameraspeed.mca\'
    Tuple::parseValueUnicode - parsing value 'system' in 'system' tuple failed
    PROFILER: <2> BarneyApplication::initSoundsPlayer() - 0.562 secs
    License OK: public key = 'B8PTX-8RXF4-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx'
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: licence check finished - 1.836 secs
    loadMapResources: DataVersion: <0,0>
    PROFILER: <3> DbsConfig::init() FINISH - 0.939 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: DbsConfig initialised - 2.806 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: Tie(Base+Driver) initialised - 2.896 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: signposts initialised - 2.917 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: lanes info initialised - 2.932 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: GAPI surface initialised - 2.946 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: map view created - 4.708 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: map view initialised - 4.750 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: UOM constructed - 4.862 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: GpsTmcGui constructed - 4.931 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: TmcInMap constructed - 4.935 secs
    PROFILER: <3> CarTrackingGui::CarTrackingGui() FINISHED - 0.042 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: CarTrackingGui constructed - 4.979 secs
    Routing: setVehicleProfile().
    PROFILER: <4> RoutingProvider::updateRoutingData - failed - 0.001 secs
    Routing: setVehicleProfile().
    PROFILER: <4> NavigationGui::loadLinkParams - 0.001 secs
    PROFILER: <3> NavigationGui::NavigationGui() FINISHED - 0.155 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: NavigationGui constructed - 5.160 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: remote communication started - 5.160 secs
    PROFILER: <2> loadMapResources: finish - 3.357 secs
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    OTIS ERR: HttpSendRequest() failed 12007
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() ResourceContainer HOT initialization - 7.415 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() FINISHED - 7.560 secs
    PROFILER: <1> initBarneyUniverse() - 7.041 secs
    CONNECTING TO com device - port: COM2; speed: 57600
  • Do you have TeleAtlas maps or OpenStreetMaps in '\ResidentFlash\mobilenavigator\' folder? If TeleAtlas please insert in your navigation proper product key (the key used is for FREE version).
  • I downloaded navigator 11 free and some of the free Europe free maps and used the free product key.

    Here are details of things related to maps which are loaded:

    earth_osm.mca; ireland_osm.mca; italy_osm.mca; united_kingdom_osm.mca; vatican_city_osm.mca

    Are these the free maps? If not, how do I find the proper product key or find the right free maps to download?

  • yes, these are free, but maps are not loading, only cameras and sounds
    are all these files in the same folder?
  • Under folder mobilenavigator, there are 3 folders named:


    All other files are 'loose' as downlaoded via navigator 11 free and navigator maps to my pc which I then dragged to the device (connected by usb).  I had to rename the navigator application to mobile navigator to get navigation to load.

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