OSM License change - making maps ... buggy?
  • Hello,

    since July the 11th the Opensteetmap admins are running an automated program over their database to erase all those streets and nodes where the contributer didnt accept the new license of OSM (look here: blog.gegg.us or here: blog.osmfoundation.org).
    That means that the maps of OSM will be a little bit "buggy" in the next weeks / months. Streets can end into nowhere. Highwaylinks can be deleted. Etc.

    Will mapfactor write a sticky note about this fact? I think there could be some irritation in the future about this fact...
    If you want to see what streets have been deleted you can use THIS page. Every red line or dot has been deleted. Some places really look horrible..

    The OSM community will try to repair this holes as fast as possible ... but some streets could stay incomplete for a longer time. Remapping will be a longer process...

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  • sorry, I do not understand, please explain
  • Hi Ando,
    thanks for this post. I do not have an official "press release" yet, but in general I would recommend to backup July 2012 data before new updates. We may have separate updates - this depends on number of holes. From one side people would like to see their changes and at the same time were not influenced by potential holes ... one possibility is to skip August update ... we will see. What would you like?
  • Hello,
    In my case, I have been solving the removed street of my city, and I prefer to see the changes/holes to see what needs to be fixed.

  • Hello,

    well... its difficult...

    I know that a lot of new contribution will be added every month to osm. Thats great! And I loved the monthly updates by mapfactor
    But I think that a lot of people just want to use a free navigation software. I think, that most of them dont know anything about Openstreetmap (and maybe never really want to know). They just want free (and good) maps!

    There a better / other programs or ways to see what "holes" need to be fixed... (JOSM, OSM Inspector). Sure, I also used the navigation software to see whether all the speedlimits on my way home are correct. That was fun! But I think that a lot of "non-nerds" just wants some good maps.

    Look here e.g. ! Almost ALL the streets have vanished! It could take months to remap this area...

    Well, I dont know what to do... Maybe it could be a good decision to wait a month before a new update. We could see whether (and how fast) the community can repair the most changes.

    Or could it be good to have two kinds of maps you can download? For example:


    + ( ) Germany West (July 2012, before redaction bot)

    + (x) Germany West (August 2012, after redaction bot)


    But that could irritate the "normal" customers...

    mapfactor could also use the data of the OSM "Fork": FOSM But that would be a MUCH smaller community... with less server power...

    Well, I dont know it.

    Maybe you should skip one or two update cycles... We could test some routing examples (made of the new OSM data) by using an online routing program (like http://www.yournavigation.org/ ... well, when their data is updated...)

    P.S.: Sorry for bad english...
  • Hi,
    I saved all the actual maps I'm sure they include the data before the Licence-change-bot in OSM began to work on my SD-card in an special folder. Next navigator-map-updates I will "missuse" for quality-controll of OSM-data. If I need routable maps the next month or two (or three), I'll reload the old maps into my standard map-folder and don't update them until my journey is finished.

    Not an uncomplicated workaround, but I think it works :-)
  • current plan is:
    NavigatorFREE (PC/Pocket) version 11 + Android 0.9.x ---> CC OSM data, with no more updates
    new beta
    NavigatorFREE (PC/Pocket) version 12 + Android 0.10.x ---> ODbL OSM data, with regular updates
  • OSM undergone Reduction process..
  • yea, so you've already installed the navigator on your motonav huh?
  • I have downloaded it in SD card but the problem is how to open it because my motonav TN765 boot load direct it opening the standard OS. No file explorer to execute the mapfactor executable file..I hope i could find a way to make it work...
  • so the challenge is still on ? good luck then...
  • Hello everybody,

    well it seems that the German OSM-Mappers are busy! A lot of streets
    have been updated. That really looks good! It seems to be a very fast remapping... at least in Germany.

    Well, but Poland really got hurt by the "redaction bot" made by OSM.

    But there seems to be hope :-)

    Thanks to all the mappers of OSM! Doing a great job!
    And thanks to the people of mapfactory! Doing a great job!

    Thank you!
    This is a team-job!

    So please: help! (I need somebody!)

    The decision to use the "new" maps with version 12 looks really good! I think, that in 6 month we will be where we where yesterday...

  • If you would like to test/download August 2012 maps (after bot processing), here is the latest Android beta version which has access to the data (backup your old data!):
    (note the e-shop is not fully functional)
  • I have Navigator 0.10.xx Android version. Just downloaded a map of Poland. Map Manager shows this is a current version 201207130 (downgraded from 201208xxx version).
    The same with the Gibraltar: current on my device is 201208150 and it wants to downgrade to older one: "available data version: 201207220".

    Is this information still true (MDX on Aug.3): "NavigatorFREE (PC/Pocket) version 12 + Android 0.10.x ---> ODbL OSM data, with regular updates"?

  • Hi pmszcz,
    I should write a note here yesterday, sorry - we released 0.10.60 on Google Play yesterday and for a short period (week?) we linked Android 0.10.x updates back to July data. Setup utility ver12 works as before. We are currently computing September data, which seems to be much better than August data ... so when majority of countries are computed we will let this available also for "Google Play people".
    sorry for any inconvenience caused
  • The idea to link Android version to the July maps is very good. At least in case of Poland. Some areas were remapped already, and they look even better then before the deletions. AFAIK, the remapping is mostly based on Bing aerial photos. Unfortunately some northern parts of Poland are not covered by aerials, and thus they are poorly remapped.
    In my opinion it would be optimal to keep links to the July maps for now. On the other hand it would be nice to have the possibility to download current versions - to test routing with the remapped data. Is it possible to somehow make them available for download from ftp/http server?

  • Yesterday I updated the Luxembourg-map. Could it be, that the map isn't ready loaded? Nearly nothing is in there. Does it depend on the license change? Or did there has been an error while computing it?

    Well, I returned to the last v11-map. That is quit fine, but will the new v12-map be fixed soon?



  • Luxembourg OSM map is our mistake, thanks for pointing that out. There were some problems with boundaries, and even now it is not clear which relation should be used as the "boundary representative":

    The bad data were accidentally computed with http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/1342853

      - fixed update Luxembourg OSM is now available (version 201209260)
  • Thank you Martin for that fast Luxembourg-Fix!

    That looks better ;-)
  • next map buggy?

    The map germany-south-osm with size 24.27 mb seems to be to small. The lst map (v11) is about 163 mb big.
  • Thanks, yes, our mistake ... sigh ... interrupted upload. Should be fixed today.
    thank you
  • With regard to buggy OpenStreetMap data for routing: The team behind OSRM (an online router based on OSM data) has just released [1] a new Quality Assurance tool to help identify and improve potential issues in the data that can cause troubles for routing.

    It identifies all road segments that are not correctly accessible (by car). I.e. roads that either are not (car) connected to the main road network at all, or one way roads from which you can't exit or which you can't enter. Some of these issues have been caused by the license change cleanup, others bugs have been caused by general editing errors.

    It would be great if everyone could have a look at this in their area and help fix all the issues identified.

    You can see the issues either on http://map.project-osrm.org/ by enabling the "small components" layer, or on http://tools.geofabrik.de/osmi/?view=routing .

    It will currently likely take about 1 - 2 days from fixing an error for it to be reflected on these QA pages.

  • Hi,

    first of all thanks for giving us the navigator. Good job you've done.

    Now my question:

    I'm using maps of Germany.

    In some cities I can't search for certain streets, because the streets, that are named and clearly visible in the map don't seem to be assigned to the city properly. Instead: If i enter the district name within the city as city/region name I can immediately find the street.

    My problem is, it doesn't work if I only enter city name and street name, not knowing the name of the district.


    City: Hamburg
    District: Eimsbüttel
    Street: Hohe Weide

    City: Munich (München)
    District: Friedenheim
    Street: Elsenheimerstrasse

    On Navigator: If I enter Region / City: "Hamburg"; Street "Hohe Weide" - no success.
    But: If I enter Region / City: "Eimsbüttel"; Street "Hohe Weide" - success!

    Same in Munich.

    On the PC Openstreetmap the streets seem to be assigned properly. As in the examples above:

    Example 1: If I search "Hohe Weide, Hamburg" on www.openstreetmap.org the search result delivers:
    Residential Hohe Weide, Eimsbüttel, Hamburg, 20253, Germany

    Example 2: If I search elsenheimerstrasse, München the search result delivers:
    Secondary Road Elsenheimerstraße, Friedenheim, Dom Pedro, Munich, Regierungsbezirk Oberbayern, Free State of Bavaria, 80687, Germany

    In both cases you can see district, as well as the town.

    What if i don't know the district?

    Now comes something odd: 2 weeks ago I could find at least the Hamburg streets by select "Hamburg landmass" as region. That has gone since my last map update on Oct 24 2012. What went wrong?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    S. Roy
  • Hi Roy,
    this is being addressed and you should see some improvemets in the near future, please be patient.
  • Hi Tomas,

    your reply sounds like this is a rather complicated problem.
    However: thanks for reacting so quickly!

  • yes, it is a complicated problem - unlike TomTom maps OSM has not attribute to administrative areas
  • but theN How come "hamburg landmass" was possibl which it is no
    more ?will it be possible to reinclude that?
    thanks a lot

  • there are many many relations (countries, postcode areas, administrative areas etc.) which are still broken. To be properly converted they have to be valid multipolygons - I did not check the "hamburg landmass" yet, but I believe that it is the case.

  • I have a question:

    On my RoadNavigator is currently installed the free version 12 of the maps.

    For extra functions "my license is not valid"

    Anyone a idea how to obtain a paid full version with access to all extra functions ?

    Can not find a answer
  • what extra functions?
  • Tracking and more important TMC.

    Switching to a paid version of Road Navigator 

  • TMC is included in both free and paid version, but free maps have allocation tables for Germany only. What do you mean by tracking?
  • Did I get you right? Using free maps, I can use TMC in Germany? Please tell me how - on Android.
  • not on Android, only on Windows

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