New feature to find an address
  • I would like to see a new feature to find an address as it could be great to have the opportunity to enter the street name and then all possible combinations of that street name and possible cities will pop up.

    I can see that you would have a lot of search results for large countries but we are still a lot of users living in small countries.

    For example.
    I had to find an address in the Brøndby area of Denmark. Problem is that there are 4 different areas of Brøndby (Brøndby, Brøndbyvester, Brøndbyøster, Brøndby Strand). Each city is located beside each other and they are quit small.

    Another example is Copenhagen. Copenhagen is divided in 6 parts (Nørrebro, Østrebro, Vestrebro, København, Christianshavn, Islandsbrygge).

    So all in all a feature where you can state the street name and then see the possible cities would be really great.
    You will only have to state “Copenhagen” on a Tom Tom or Garmin navigator to find the street name as it will group all the areas of Copenhagen.

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  • Absolutely right.
    It is very common problem.
    Sometimes we simply don't know the right city (it can be town, rural area, etc.).
    Also, some cities were merged ("super city") which means you may find the same street name multiple times.
    Changing the search method to street first, with auto suggestions for road/street/cres. etc., can solve the problem.
  • only problem is that it could not be done in a country like UK - there is 52 High Streets just in London, probably more than thousand in the whole country. London Road would not be much different
  • Well, it should be a “simple” feature to implement in the navigation software and it would really help users in smaller countries.

    I see the point in 52 High Streets in the Greater London area. But I would also expect that it could help users in “super cities” to find the correct address if they cannot remember the full city name.

    The feature would definitely help users in small countries and myself a lot so I hope that you can find the time to implement it in the next update.

  • Hi Trep,
    the primary search is via administrative areas. The closest one is probably:
    with name "Københavns Kommune"
    The center of settlement "København" has different name so these two are not merged together :(. As a result only the nearest streets are used.
  • ahh, I see. that’s good.
    But the search feature with street name and then city name will still be much appreciated

  • Hi Tomas. Thanks for the reply.

    Still, even with multiple street names (and types), it can be much faster and more user-friendly.
    Example: let's say we type a street name.
    The system should reply with a list of matching streets, with types to choose from (street, road, cres., etc), city and distance, if possible. I believe it's best if ordered by the distance ASC.
    The type can eliminate most of the unwanted street results. It also helps to handle the multiple streets with identical types.
    The search can be done with distance restriction, to enhance it even further.
    There are navigation tools that work this way (Garmin for instance).

    Thanks Terp and Martin.

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