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  • For those of us with satellite internet service and small download allowances, can map downloads be interrupted and continued the next day?
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  • well, you can dowload just some coutries, perhaps just one a day, but (at this moment) partially downloaded file will start from scratch
    having said this, you can download maps on your PC with the Setup Utilities:
    once downloaded, copy map files to the navigator\data\ folder
  • I also have a problem with dowloaded Maps in Navigator 11: I have an installation on a notebook where I
    download my maps. Then I have another installation on a Car PC. I just copied the maps downloaded on
    the Notebook into the data-folder of the Car PC but Navigator 11 on the Car PC does not know anything
    about my maps copied there. Is there an additional information file wihich I have to update to make 
    Navigator 11 know my maps? Or MUST the maps be downloaded from the internet on every PC?
  • you probably need to update Navigator on your car PC
  • Hello gschoen57,

    on your navigation-system the maps are located in the folder, where the navigator.exe file is.
    At least on my navi-system it is so.

    I always download my maps first onto my computer and after that I copy them to my navi.

    On my copmuter maps are located at the folder data, but on my navi not, as I wrote above.
    Try it. This could solve your problem.

  • during installation you are asked for map data location - maps must be in that location, otherwise you will not see them
    you can see location of maps in the following file:
    c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Navigator\11.0\atlas_pcn_free.idc
  • it's right, I was asked for the location, but when I look into

    c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data

    nothing is there. The two files atlas_pcn.idc and atlas_pcn_free.idc were

    not written by the setup ultility. I will try to make the setup again. If that

    does not work I think I have to copy the files from my notebook to the

    car pc and change the paths manually.

  • Making the setup and installation again brings no changes. I also tried it with an
    new installation during internet access but the application data folder is still empty.
    I copied the two files
    from my notebook installation to the car pc and changed the paths inside manually.
    That was the only thing that helped, navigation is now possible.
  • you probably cannot see hidden files and folders - this can be enabled selecting Show hidden files and folders in Folder option/View/
  • I think that this is not the reason. If the files are only hidden (and invisible) they still would be there and mapfactor would find the maps.

  • not if they are corrupted or not there
  • Ребятушки учите русский. Подсоедините устройство к ПК и скачайте карты на устройство. 
  • My roadnavigator rn99 won't start the navigation application as soon as i install the Denmark map (12 june 2013). All other maps are ok. Re-downloading the map won't help, so there must be a glitch in this map.
  • I have this release on my phone and it works fine
    chech that it is 37885957 Bytes
  • The same file works good on the Windows pc-application (i got 55,898,112 bytes on disk for this file) but not on my navigator.
  • then it must be your wifi connection
    just copy it to your device, navigator/data folder
  • Hi Ard,
    what version of PND navigator do you have? Denmark and Canada OSM were first countries with Irregular House Numbers and require newer application. Since June 2013 all countries use IHN. Just a wild guess ...
    p.s. navigator.log.txt would tell us more ...
  • i just installed navigator free 14.1 and everything is successful except that map is not showing on the screen despite no error showing during installation. i am using the free version. can anyone please help me. my device is pnd wince 5.
  • may be you downloaded earth only and not individual countries?
  • question please:  if maps are free for download , why should anyone purchase maps and pay for it ? thnks
  • TomTom maps have more consistent routing attributes resulting in more reliable routing, more house numbers and POIs, motorway signs, lane advisor...
    but coverage depends on country/region
  • The free maps are OpenStreetMaps (OSM). In Western Europe they are very good, especially Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, England, Austria, Swiss, Denmark, and possibly others which I know less well,  but they do lack complete address coverage (apart from Denmark, Netherlands and Lithua which are complete). Next to that road tags like max. speed, width, bridge height, road-signs on motorways, etcetera are not as good as TomTom.
    Also POIs are not as good as in tomtom maps.
    For other parts of the world the paid maps are way more complete than OSM maps.
  • As a study of university of Heidelberg said for Germany in 2011 (?) says, OSM data necessary for navigation were only short of data of commercial maps. They exspected at that time, that OSM will catch up in a couple of months. Well now we have 2015 and OSM navigation data in Germany should be on a level with commercial maps. Additionally OSM data have much more information for non navigation purposes.
  • Well, in France there are in the country-side quiet many missing streets. So, in OSM is quiet still a lot to do in France.
  • I updated my post. 
    Where in France? In the entire (north-)western part and northern part my experience with comparisons with "real maps" (I still have them in my car because you never know), I think coverage is almost 100%. Some really tiny (dirt) roads were indeed missing.
  • I think that many street names are missing in France
  • Never really paid attention to the street names I must say. If it is a routable road it is fine for me.
  • Look for "Verzenay" (it is near Reims) in Google Maps and in OSM. There you will see, that OSM has just some main roads. Coverage may be 10%, if at all. Same is valid for other villages there (seen last summer, when I bought some Chamagne there :-) )
  • Are you sure that it wasn't the champagne that you couldn't find those roads?  :)

    I guess I was wrong about France. I travelled a lot through France but I'm very, very sure I missed a lot of the roads, meaning also roads which were simply not there in the maps.
    In Bretagne, (haute and basse) Normandy, Picardie and Ile de France it was quite allright.

  • For e. g. in the area between Sens and Montargis, there are lots of "holes". Mostly mainroads. Many little or small roads are missing. So, France isn't almost at 100%

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