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  • Hi.., I'm from Indonesia, the only one country that isn't in the list of the available map.
    Why this could be happen?
    And how to convert .osm file to .mca file?
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  • Hello,
    the problem is very similar to Philippines map (see discussion There is no relation with administrative boundary for Indonesia. Can you add it?
  • Hi, I've added a boundary for Indonesia.

    Lots of it is pure guesswork, but as everyone is still arguing over the border positions I doubt that matters much.

    Hopefully Indonesia will appear on your list next month.

    Cheers, Ian
  • Hi Ian,
    your relation 1506156 was used for boundary definition and after tonight server sync you should see the MCA file of Indonesia for download. The data are still from beginning of March.
    p.s. the boundary was not valid (geometrically) - probably "multipolygon" would be better??
  • Hi,

    Ha, tried to fake it with East Timor and it bit me :-)

    I've now edited the relation and made Indonesia an outer boundry. Then made East Timor an inner boundry.

    This should work.

    If it doesn't, I have converted the shapefile used by cloudmade into an osm file, and I'll change the border to that instead.

    Cheers, Ian

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