PC Navigator activation on Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • There are couple issues related to activation of PC Navigator installed on Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. The software is installed for all users and some actions (change product key) is permitted only for administrator who installed the product.
    If you have DVD media version 10 (10.0.57, TA maps 2010.3) install PC Navigator and check for updates before activation. There should be update to version 10.1 (or you can directly download it from http://download.mapfactor.com/pc_navigator_patch-10_1_23-1_exp111101_8243c76d03.exe [link edit]).

    Start PC Navigator as administrator (right click, "Run as Administrator") and make sure you have version 10.1.x (you should see it on the bottom when program starts). Follow the instructions with activation key and enter final product key. Exit the program and run is as normal user now. There should not be any warnings about trial period, and if you look in About dialog (Settings >> Application ... last page Info) you should already have new key inserted.
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  • Running software update for N10 reports no updates found. I am on 10.0.59.
    The URL fot 10.1.x returns error 404 - Not Found. How should I update to the latest release?
  • I loaded Navigator free on my pna and it's asking for a product key? What do I do?

  • After my Installation it asked the same. As I remeber i pressed no-button and than the system asked something like "Do you want to start navigator free?" After pressing "yes" it worked.

    Also there was a link called "navigator free **" on my PC-desktop.

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