Where is PC Navigator 12.1.10?
  • Hi,
    I recently downloaded new maps and I found here that Version 12.1.10 is necessary to run them.
    For WinMob I downloaded 12.1.10 and everything works fine.
    But trying to get a new version for PC-Navigator, everything I get via setup-utility is 12.0.5 or 12.0.7, but both don't work with the new maps. I tried to remove the old version completely (including registry entries), I tried on another PC, but all the same.
    What do you recommend? I liked to use the PC version too.
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  • Just download and install the new setup-utility and it will install 12.1.10, at least it did here.

    In my experience older setup utilities sometimes don't offer an existing update.



  • Hi Uli,
    thats excatly what I did!
    I got it from http://navigatorfree.mapfactor.com/de/. But even after removing the old installation it did not work. Or do you know another source where to get this setup utility?
  • No, I know of no other source. I just did it yesterday, but it was a fresh installation of Windows 8.1 Preview. To be honest, I was checking if the 12.2.3 version was already avalaible which is mentioned somewhere in this forum. But it is still 12.1.10


  • I look for updates and no update was found. So I started the Setup utility, clicked on install application and then PC Navigator was offed to install.

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