pocketgps speedcam data
  • How can I import pocketgps speedcam data in to Navigator Free for Android?

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  • Hi Mike,
    start "Navigator Downloader", select "Imports" (or if you click on 0/2 you can "Select All") and "Speed Cameras" ... and this should be it.
    p.s. if Navigator is already running exit it and start again
    p.s.2 if you already have imports on PC, you can copy them on /sdcard/navigator/data (see Android FAQ)
  • Thanks for that Martin.

    I did as you suggested and it has successfully downloaded speed camera data.
    The next question is from where?

    I would like to use the pocketgps speedcamera data...
  • Ok, if you have "the pocketgps speedcamera data" for MapFactor NavigatorFREE or Navigator, you can just copy them to /sdcard/navigator/data (and replace the ones you just downloaded from our server). The speedcamera data are the same for PC, PDA, PND as well as now for Android program.
  • Is there a way to download speedcams for mapfactor 12 free directly from a website? or how can I obtain up to date speedcam info?
  • speedcams are from www.scdb.info, you can subscribe there, or you can use import tools and have several other sources

  • hi. I have speedcam data in txt and csv format but couldnt import it. there is no file selection in import window. i copied both files to ...data directory but it didnt help.

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