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  • Hi,

    Why aren't more frequent the updates maps free?

    For example, once a month.



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  • there is an update once a month (if there is no problem in given country). Which map do you need?
  • The map of Spain is not updated from version 201202170. And the speed cameras from version 201107180.
  • current queue (Tue Apr 17 14:42:09 CEST 2012) is:
    spain_osm.sql.gz               <-----------------
    So Spain will be processed within a day, I guess
    p.s. in March there was a boundary problem with Spain:
    Mon Mar 19 16:27:14 CET 2012
    ID: spain_osm
    name: spain_osm.sql.gz
    osm -> gz mff
    Original boundary not valid!!!

  • Seems that once again the map was not updated
  • please be patient - in the queue are two big files:
    3113019101 May 23 11:26 france_osm.sql.gz
    500788618 May 25 09:51 spain_osm.sql.gz
    p.s. I will probably add voting page also for which countries should be converted first ...
  • Should be done first by continent and then by country.
  • I started "voting" discussion on Priority Map Updates so you can add Spain there.
    p.s. there were some problems with space on one particular machine which converted Spain, so the data will be delayed.
  • Hi Martin,

    Any Idea when the servers will be getting round to the UK as the last update was 17th March?


  • UK failed several times from May data (due to same space problems + there was problem with boundary in April). Currently it is also running on another machine, so we will get the "May" update soon I hope. If everything will go fine it will be finished tomorrow afternoon, so on update it will till the end of this week.
    thanks for asking
  • parlent pas anglais ou très peu ce texte est traduit par un logiciel en seconde partis


    je suis mappeur sur openstreetfree et je constate plusieurs choses:
    1 les mises a jour des donnes France ont au moins 6 mois de décalage avec les mises a jour mapfactor.
    2 les données pl qu'ont renseigne sur les cartes openstreetfree sont masquer allant donc a l'encontre de la licence openstreet qui est une GNU est donc toutes les donée devais etre modifier vers le mieux et en aucun cas avoir des données occulté par un éditeur en vu de profit (version truc) ceux qui va a l'encontre de la philosophie de la licence ci jointe ; http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright . 
    3 J'aimerais avoir la possibilité ( a partir de pcnavigator free ) d'importe moi même les données des cartes openstreetmap afin d'éviter les problèmes ci dessus-cités.
    4 la possibilité de modifier directement a chaud les cartes et de renvoyer les données ajoutez ou modifier directement a openstreetmap serait un plus indéniable. 
    4 PC navigator free est surement le mieux aboutis des navigateur gps pc sur la toile (meme par rappor a microsoft) 

    not speak English or very little text is translated by a second party software good evening, I'm on openstreetfree mapper and I see several things: 
    1 One of the updates give France have at least 6 month lag with updates MapFactor.
    2 What data pl openstreetfree information on maps are thus going to hide against the license which is a GNU OpenStreet therefore all had to be type equipped change for the better and in no case data obscured by a publisher in view of profit (version trick) who goes against the philosophy of this license attached; http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright.&nbsp;
    3 I would like the opportunity (starting from pcnavigator free) to anyone myself openstreetmap data cards to avoid the problems above-mentioned. 4 can change directly to the hot cards and return the data directly add or modify openstreetmap would be a definite plus. 
    4 PC free navigator is probably the best of the flowing pc gps navigator on the web (even by microsoft has rapporteurs)Annuler les modifications
  • I am not sure what do you mean? Do you miss there the mentioned link?

    BTW France is regularly updated (for version 11 and for Android), this is the list of France updates:
  • Should see the date of the original map OSM, instead of Map Factor.
  • original date is end of each calendar month before we release it, e.g. france_osm_120427.mca is from end of March 2012
  • Not true, there are changes in dates before realizadon maps and cambions these have not been included in the updates, so I understand that the date of the original data map is much earlier than shown.
  • can you give example?
  • I think that this is just misunderstanding - the dates are when the data/maps were converted, i.e. MapFactor date. Note, that in some cases (conversion problem or experimental features) are the data converted more than once. What is Tomas saying is that you can simply deduce the OSM origin date.
    p.s. the origin is in reality in MCA files like
    sheet_caption = Poland OSM
    sheet_id = poland_osm
    version = 201302280
    data_source = OpenStreetMap 2013.02 - MFF
    but this information is not available in downloaded XML file (regions.dcf)
  • Hi,

    has the "Hamburg problem" been solved meanwhile?

    Till some time ago it wasn't possible to search streets in the bigger towns in Germany like Hamburg, Munich etc.
    One had to know the district within the town.
    This way the navigator is hardly usable with open street maps. Not in Germany at least.


  • super.
    Vielen Dank und

    Many thanks to the developers.
  • tomas:

    Example of the new map Spain 201303220, comparison:

    Although the map is of later date, does not include the change.

    The date of the map should be equal to the date of the data that is produced.
  • please read comment from MDX above
  • Already knew that explanation but gives no solution to my comment. We must find a way to put facilitate date source data to see if it includes the changes we have made ​​or will have to wait.
  • as I said, usually end of the previous month

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