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  • Does the route recording function work in NavigatorFree?
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  • Yes, it does work in Navigator FREE. You can find it in Menu > Odometer > Record Journey
  • I've tried that. It doesn't ask where to store the file, though it does suggest a file name & allow it to be changed. It allows me to select record a journey & at the end to stop recording, but when I go to replay there are no files to replay.
  • Do you use PC or Pocket/PDA/PND version? Do you have write access to destination directory?
  • I use a PC (WinXPSP3). Write access is available to all directories. When I try to replay a journey it defaults to 'My Documents' but there are no files in there to load & I can't find any files starting 'gps-' on the drive after I try to record a journey.
  • Hello Andrew,
    I was going to write bug report that record/reply journey does not work properly, but it does work only it is "a little bit" confusing. There are two issues:
    1) GPS must be already ON (when you press "Record Journey" the buttons should change then into "Stop journey saving")
    2) the data are by default in user directory (on WinXP "c:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Application Data\Navigator OSM\10.1\nmea" (hidden directory!)
    does this help?
    thank you for your report
  • OK that all seems to work OK now. Thanks.
  • I use Windows Mobile 6.5, route recording works very well with the default 1 second interval. The resulting data file can be imported in JOSM.
    My suggestion is about the trace, which is displayed when moving/driving: the default length is (as far as I see) 60 seconds. I would suggest to make it possible to select values maybe between 15 seconds and 60 minutes, if this value wouldn't slow the program down too much. Or allow a selection between 15 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 20 minutes and 1 hour.
  • The length of trace is not directly controlled from user interface. On the other hand you can modify settings.xml file and change
    (this is available for version > 10.1.40)
  • Thank you, I changed it to 1800 and now it "trails" last 30 minutes.
    Excellent for tracing new routes and still knowing where I have already been.
  • A little correction: the number in 200
    is divided by 4, so for having a trail of 1800 seconds the number has to be 7200.
    The default trail_length of "200" gives you a trail of 50 seconds on the map.
  • PNA as an export that can save a route?
  • if you mean GPS track (route) in version 11 it is under GPS, i.e. menu > GPS > Record Journey (the GPS has to be already on)
  • is it possible to change the directory "c:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Application Data\Navigator OSM\10.1\nmea" (hidden directory!)"? I would like to further analyse our trips and storing the data in an other directory would be usefull.

  • I want to save the route on a GPS device to draw on the computer, and can not find the folder where you saved ..... sorry for my English
  • can anyone help me?
  • c:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Application Data\Navigator OSM\10.1\nmea\

    for windows 7:
    c:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Navigator\11.0\nmea\
  • ok I understand I do not want Windows
    I want a Navon N260 GPS unit
  • it is in folder called NMEA
  • Not sure if this is the right place to post my next comment. But anyway.

    Would like to see the complete track I drove on the map. For example. We leave the normal road and drive into the bush no road, no track to find a quiet place to camp for the night. Next morning it is convenient to have the track on our screen to drive the same route back to the normal road.

    Does the the recorded journey leave a track on the screen?

    And is it possible to import a track to show on the screen as a kind of route you can follow?

    With regards



  • I have MapFactorFree 0.13.27 on my samsng galaxy s plus and the question is: it is possible import a recorded track.nmea and save it in favorites routes and navigate it back?





  • go to Tools/Replay NMEA

  • ok but I can only review the journey reproduction. I ask if it possible navigate the route with the voice that allert me if I make same mistake 




  • you want to compare recorded route with actual one? What happens if you update maps and there are changes?
  • ok, another question: I have hidden for a mistake an announcement in "all discussion" in the forum clicckin in option "dismiss". How can I do to replace it?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



  • I do not understand your question, is it to do with Navigator?
  • no, in MapFactor Forum Navigator Free in "All Discussions" the first 3 lines have the option to be dismissed and I made the mistake to dismiss one line. The question is: is possible to replace the line of discussion that I have dismissed ?


  • if you can see EDIT next to your name then yes
    alternatively I can edit it for you, but you need to give me detailed instructions

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