Random Blue Geometric Shapes
  • Hi There,

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, OSM maps


    This happens at lot. I don't recall exactly what we were doing, at this point.  I *suspect* we were telling it to get us from Brimley, MI, to Tahquamenon Falls.


    I don't recall where we were, at this point, or what we were doing, other than we were en-route and navigating.  Or trying to.


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  • Hi Jim, can you check version of your maps? This was (I hope) problem with water areas - now they should be "cleaned" (removed duplicities and joined connected parts). USA Michigan OSM has version 201307190 - go to Download Manager and you should be able to download update. If it does not help, please let me know
  • Oops!  No, can't check anymore.  I downloaded maps for Canada and the states surrounding Michigan, last night, to do the route experiments I noted elsewhere, and I noticed it downloaded a new Michigan map, as well.

    FWIW: The map at the time of the above was at least a week old at the time, and that happened last week.


  • This looks like the same problem I was having with the Texas and Louisiana maps, see the thread "USA South Coast Water Rendering Problem", last updated July 15th.

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