Blocked road not considered when calculating/navigating
  • When the app calculates the route MyHome --> MyWork, it suggests a certain road.
    Now I have blocked this road (Map -> Edit -> Block Road) sucessfully: it is marked on my map.
    But it does not have any influence on recalculating my route or navigating to MyWork, the blocked road section is still being used, although still marked.

    Is this any known issue? I did not find it using the search function.
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  • if you put a waypoint on a blocked link then this could happen
    is it android or windows verison?
  • it works for me
    is the link coloured differently after closure?
  • Yes, the marked link is still displayed in strong pink. The file disabled_links.xml is filled.
  • very strange, please email disabled_links.xml and routing_points.xml to support
  • Which kind of vehicle (oder auch Fahrzeugtyp) are you using?

    When I try this with pedestrian (Fußgänger), the blocked part of the road is being used, so the block doesn't work. But vehicle typ = Car the blocked road is not used, an other way is calculated.

    (Das hätte ich jetzt lieber in deutsch erklärt...)

    So, I think, the vehicle type is the reason for using or not using the blocked road.
  • it seems that there are two links above each other - you will see that
    it is not fully highlighted when you click on it and it is quite
    difficult to click on the other one (used for routing), you have to
    click on top of the road line
  • I've checked the blocked road, which is used, when navigating as Pedestrian. In this case, the blocking doesn't work. in case of car the blocking works fine.

    The checked road has only the following attributes in OSM:

    Way: 46102133
    highway: residential
    name: Högdener Weg

    And that's all. No footpath or bikelane.

  • OK, thanks - I can confirm this bug. For profile Pedestrian are all restrictions (oneway, turn restrictions, ...) disabled, and also user restrictions are ignored. This bug is in all products (confirmed in PC Navigator 12.2.3).
    thank you
  • First of all: my route was calculated for vehicle type car instead, I swear ;-)

    But I can confirm what tomas said earlier: when I select another part of the road to block, the calculation will suggest another route - just like it should.

    Crocodilefarm tested OSM in another part of Germany, so I will have a look at "my" street tonight and fix it.

    I am very happy to see that the software actually works as expected. That's really meant as compliment for you guys because before your app, I have tested two other - and commercial! - navigation apps, but yours really works better. And I very appreciate your support here :-)


  • Hi mdx,

    I think, it's ok, that Pedestrian are allowed to walk aganst the official direction of an oneway, or doesn't has to care about turn restrictions. Just a blocked road shouldn't be used. Any other shoud be allowed!. (Execpt motorways/highways...)
  • Just to confirm what has happened regarding my case:
    In OSM, there are two parallel streets: one as motorway, one as cycleway. Actually both lines are good to distinguish as they are not too close together - in OSM.
    In navigator free, both lines are displayed much wider than in reality. Effect: they appear to lay above each other.
    When I marked my street as blocked, I unintentionally selected the cycleway.

    Can you think of any possiblity to prevent such false marking?
    Suggestion: When I select a road and click on the "Edit" pen above, window "Link Parameter" opens. It would be nice to see an information what kind of road this is as it is tagged in OSM.
  • there will be a tool to reduce/increase thickness of roads, size of fonts and icons in the next version - in this case it would help you.
  • So I tested the map editor ...

    My idea was not to change the cycleway line color, but to reduce its width (thickness) only - without changing the major road.
    Unfortunately this does not solve my problem: when major road and cycleway are too close, even in highest zoom level the major road will overlap the cycleway completely.

    Is there a chance to display a certain line type above all others and display it e.g. dotted? I tried dotted as style pattern, but without any success (no error message, just no effect).

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