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  • Just installed MapFactor on Google Nexus 7.  Have downloaded separate UK and Ireland maps, but the Ireland map appears only to have Northern Ireland.  Searching for a location in Ireland doesn't display anything.
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  • I (set to German language) have to search for Irland not Ireland ...
  • Have a look into Settings --> Maps --> Select Regions --> Europe
    Is Ireland activated?

    I have tested with deactivated United Kingdom and activated Ireland. When looking to the maps, nothing in Northern Ireland is visible, but in Ireland there is everything available.
  • It could be problem of translation as Oldie wrote ... in English "Ireland" in German "Irland", but "United Kingdom" is not translated, so it is confusing ...
  • @ mdx
    the correct german translation for United Kindom is Vereinigtes K├Ânigreich .
    Do not use Great Britain (Gro├čbritannien), because that is without Northern Ireland.

    Just as info.

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