Some POI types are not available in Navigator 11
  • I miss some POI types in Navigator 11 free like, which would be very helpful for me:





    Is there a possibility to add them, as they are actually in Openstreetmap-Data available ?


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  • No, post_box is not converted. There is 'post_office' converted as 'Post Office' only. Note, that at the moment we can use only existing POI categories. Your comments will be useful for the future revision.
    thank you
    p.s. here is list for tag 'amenity' which is not converted at the moment (Sep 2011) and we know about it:
    #      'drinking_water'
    #      'bicycle_parking':
    #      'bicycle_rental':
    #      'car_sharing':
    #      'car_wash':
    #      'grit_bin':
    #      'taxi':
    #      'baby_hatch':
    #      'architect_office':
    #      'fountain':
    #      'studio':
    #      'bench':
    #      'clock':
    #      'crematorium':
    #      'emergency_phone':
    #      'fire_hydrant':
    #      'hunting_stand':
    #      'post_box':
    #      'prison':
    #      'recycling':
    #      'sauna':
    #      'shelter':
    #      'telephone':
    #      'toilets':
    #      'vending_machine':
    #      'waste_basket':
    #      'waste_disposal':

  • Hi,

    what is the status of "not implemented" 'amenity' tags? I encountered "shelter" tag that is displayed as Kawiarnia/Pub (in Polish, free translation is Cafe/Pub) with beer icon. I think it's very misleading. Are there any plans to handle this correctly?

    Best regards,
  • Hello,
    ATM should be converted as 'Cash Dispenser', 'picnic_site' as ''Park and Recreation Area'. The other two are missing. The problem is maybe with names - POI without name are at the moment not converted, but it is planned anyway.

  • Thanks for the information. Then actually also amenity=post_box should show up, if it has a name ?

  • not found....residential buildings

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