USA South Coast Water Rendering Problem
  • Hi, I have been using Navigator 12 successfully with the UK and Cyprus maps on my Galaxy S3 (Jellybean) for some time. However, I have downloaded the OSM Texas and Louisiana maps in preparation for a road trip this summer, but there are problems with the rendering of the coastline. In New Orleans, for example, the outline of the actual river is shown, but the blue water area appears as large polygons. Similarly, most of Galveston Island on the Texas map is shown underwater. The problem is also apparent on PC Navigator 12 Free, but the coastline is correct on the maps at Anything you could do to fix this would be appreciated - thank you.
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  • I think that in some zooms this happens, but I cannot promise a quick fix, it is not as simple as it seems
  • Thanks for your reply Tomas. The problem seems to appear at all zooms. Do you know if the 3D navigation view will be affected when I am navigating in the US? Even if the land / water view is incorrect, will the navigation still be OK?
  • sorry, I did not look before, this seems to be problem with map data processing, I am quite sure it will be fixed with the next release
  • That's good news - thank you!
  • Hi Tomas

    I see it happens in the New Zealand maps too. Problem since previous release and in current release. Everything still works, just the strange blue polygon render!

    Kind regards,


  • I do not share optimism with Tomas (especially as the July 2013 planet is already being processed). It is usually combination of way/relations and separately processed blocks of data. I do not know the exact reason in this case yet.
  • I am trying to filter out some duplicities (in post-processing) and it looks like some water areas are imported twice:
    The problem with "Mississippi River" is caused by our processing of duplicities (tag waterway=riverbank both in ways as well as in relations).
    more later
  • I'm not really familiar with the intricacies behind the maps / water areas, but to my untrained eye the Mississippi area does look as if there are two "layers" of water. Galveston Island appears to be underwater altogether.

    Martin and Tomas, I really appreciate the work you are putting in to solving this issue... :) 

  • Well, Tomas was right and I was wrong ;). The filtering is now as "post-processing" so you may see it in next update (July 2013). I am currently uploading usa_louisiana_osm_130710.mca may see it on early map updates within an hour. Note, that it is from _old_ planet (June 2013), only with revised water areas. I think that it is better even there are still problems. In particular at (30.030699, -90.620269).
    Please let me know if you also think that is better and where are other problematic areas (in USA Louisiana)
  • as usual :-)
    it looks fine in New Orleans
  • That looks great, much better! As you say, the river still looks a little odd at the co-ordinates you gave, but at least it won't affect road-going navigation. There were a few other oddities close by, again though, they don't appear to affect the roads:

    29 deg 47 min 44.1 sec N    90 deg 24 min 21.2 sec W

    29 deg 53 min 53.3sec N    90 deg 17 min 12.1 sec W

    29 deg 51 min 09.1 sec N    90 deg 10 min 30.0 sec W

    29 deg 43 min 05.6 sec N    90 deg 01 min 25.3 sec W

    The other major anomaly I spotted originally is on the Texas map, at and around:

    29 deg 16 min 31.7 sec N    94 deg 49 min 52.3 sec W

    Great work gentlemen! :)

  • well, maybe we celebrated a bit too early ...

    - running: ./ localhost osm_usa_new_hampshire_2013_07_mff
     - FAIL!!! -> mff_water_area (11404), mff_water_area_shp (11405)

    - running: ./ localhost osm_new_zealand_2013_07_mff
     - FAIL!!! -> mff_water_area (9079), mff_water_area_shp (9080)

  • fixed, so now you should see new New Zealand (2013.7 planet.osm) available on Early Maps. Please let me know if it is better or worse.
    p.s. thanks baker_001 for coordinates - I have not analyzed them yet ...

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