Navigator 11 Free - no street names in maps
  • I just installed Navigator 11 Free. Everything works fine - except one thing: there are no street or town names visible in the maps. Is there any option in the program, that has to be changed (I did not find any)? Is there anything wrong with the maps, that I downloaded (up to now only GERMANY SOUTH)? Is there anything on my pc, that has to be changed?
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  • I can see street names in Munich, can you please give co-ordinates
  • I choose for example Munich main station. I can see the streets around - but no street names. Nowhere on the map!
  • I see mane named streets, e.g. Arnulfstrasse, Tollstrasse, Bayerstrasse, Schutzenstrasse...
    try toi download Germany South again
  • Did you overwrite 10.1 installation? If yes, there could be problem with old and files. Can you download some other country and check it? Note, that the street names are visible only in detail - maybe try to search for given street and "show on map".
  • I previously had installed v10, then deinstalled it and installed v11. Should I deinstall v11 and delete all (remaining) files incl. maps? Then install v11 again and download the maps again?

  • Done!
    All software and maps deinstalled, all remaining files deleted.
    Then V11 new installed, then new maps downloaded.
    Result: Everything ok, I can see town and street names!
    Thank you all!
  • In the free version of the program of a card very weak. It is made intentionally? Whether It is possible to use cards teleatlas, but with other expansion?
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