Routing via Link roads.
  • I had shown here and here, that MF Android has a problem with routing, if there is a link road more or less parallel to the main road.

    This may be a problem to be solved in MF Android and not via editing speed limits of the link roads in OSM. One of the contributers there wrote to me, that his devices (Garmin Oregon or Android with OSMand+) do not have problems to avoid the link roads.
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  • Yes I agree. I aslo have met this problem sometimes. To avoid this problem it has been necessary for me to turn off the speed restrictions for Motorway in the "Route setup" but this is not the right way to do it, because I want to use the speed restriction. So MF-people please try to solve this problem fo us.
  • well, according to osm data it is faster to go via link road. Once exceptions are made, it will appear somewhere else as a mistake and may be routing would be much worse.
    In essence, routing engine can give you as accurate route as data input is, it cannot take in to consideration every data error.
  • I do not think, it is a data error. These are "link" roads:

    "The link tags are used to identify ramps or slip roads connecting other more standard highways to each other." from

    For me it is obvious, that even without a specified speed limit routing should not follow such "link"s only to end on the main road again.
  • Last week I came again by this intersection and MF still is navigation the wrong way. And actually there is no way, that the link roads may be faster than the national road. The link road comes across another road and cars on the link road have to give way there.
  • it is still 3s faster on slip road, I think some parts of slip road still have no speed restriction
  • There is overall the general speed limit of 100km for roads in Germany. A speed limit set to the link road is not set in reality so should not set artificially and in contradiction to reality in OSM Data. Nevertheless it would be crazy to to take the link road with 100 km, because you have go give way after a couple of meters ...
  • Yes, I agree it would be crazy, but once exceptions are used, then it will route incorrectly somewhere else. I though there was not speed limit on motorways in Germany. That is not to say that it is unsolvable problem, I am just trying to explain.
  • Just for your information, Tomas: many parts of the motorways in Germany HAVE a speed limit. The missing speed limit applies only to sections where no speed limits are shown ;-)

    So just to be sure: If in OSM there are speed limits defined on German motorways, Navigator must consider them.

  • yes, I realise that, I was just trying to say that you cannot apply 100km speed limit accross whole the Germany
  • Hi!
    Maybe it help:
    <Menu>...<Navigation>....<Preferences>, 50 to, for example, 100, for motorways.

  • I was also having a problem with mapfactor staying on freeway and off parallel sideroad which made no sense. I seemed to have solved the prob!em with these settings. ----- My settings - speed warning set at 10% - no U turn checked - Vehicle car- maximum speed =80.8 mp - Road Restrictions =all roads on except Other Road - All roads set at 50 miles per hour - except other road, toll road, connection road And no compass. This is my setup and it keeps me on the main roads now.
  • Maybe that helps for you and that's fine, but your settings are only a work-around and completely mess-up the calculations for arrival time.

    As I had not found this 2½ old topic I created a new one on Feb 2nd. Even though it is a duplicate it might be better to continue there. Also: a real solution is given there, which is also used in a number of other nav apps.

  • Tell me what part of my setup messes up arrival time . Maybe I can fix that and still not end up on side roads again.
  • The fact that you set all roads to 50 miles/hour. That's not what it is in reality.
    And w.r.t. the side roads: According to others it is solved. 
    I checked a few of the spots where it occurs to me and currently only on one sport it still happens, but that spot is not speed tagged. That doesn't mean it's wrong, but it could use tagging.

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