Navigator free crashes with my POI file
  • I am quite new at this: After reading a lot online I passed a POI file through DiggerQt and lo, out came a .mca file! I was feeling very pleased with myself until, when I go to Navigator's Import function and click on the new file, Navigator stops.

    The version is digger_11_0_47, downloaded 2 days ago, and because it was happy with my input file I assume that it was in UTF-8 encoding. I have the file in lots of formats, but not XLS. Also, to make the file small and fit the maps I have, I ran it through a basic routine to strip out all the sites outside Spain or Portugal, which I can only do to a text file.

    Can anyone suggest what might be wrong with my new file? It started as a .csv, (free from a typical line looks like this:

    -5.33480, 36.19174, "SurEuropa 3a - La Linea (08/01-21/12) >+34956643587" 

    Could it be that I got the Latitude and Longitude in the wrong order, so that none of the points is on a map that Navigator knows about?

    Has anyone gone through this loop already? Or got a csv file they know works after conversion with Digger, which I could have for comparison?

    Any help gratefully received.
    Thanks, Paul
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  • ... just for fun I imported the archies-camping pois via csv-file using diggerQT
    Seems to be no problem for digger ..

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