Fixed???... Exception thrown: src/filedriver/ArchiveManager.cpp(91)
  • Runs fine for a while, then get the Mapfactor Navigator has stopped responding.

    Looked at the log file and found the exception as the last entry.

    Also verified that usa_california_osm.mca exists in the folder noted in the error message below.


    Full error message:

    ERR 15/04/16 01:46:02  Exception thrown: src/filedriver/ArchiveManager.cpp(91) message:'mapFactor exception: ArchiveManager: archive '/storage/external_SD/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data/usa_california_osm.mca' not found'

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  • Downloaded 1.6.13+ from and the app has been behaving itself for the past two days!!!...

    It also allowed me to move my maps to the external SD card.

    GPS signal acquisition seems quicker too.

    Give the guy that fixed the Android v4.4 (LG L34C) file I/O bugs a raise!!!...

    Will report back if the issue reappears.

    Keep up the great work on this great application!!!

    -Dave in California
  • I think ArchiveManager.cpp(91) exception is not fixed for all users :(

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